Bright design of a three-room apartment from the island of

Unique design of a three-room apartment Like a changing modern fashion, changing from season to season, the features of home decor also change. Recently, the world has experienced a wide variety of new trends, but an unchanged favorite of fashion

Our response to chamberlain is a stunning design of a

Planning the interior of a two-room apartment in a house built of panels, the designers encountered some difficulties: how to organize a modern open space apartment in which all rooms are quite small in size. As a result, some walls and partitions

A delightful lonely man's flat from cloud pen studio, new

In 2014, the project for the design of the apartment was completed, which is located in New Taipei City (China). His development was engaged in the famous design studio Cloud Pen. Her masters managed to turn a tiny apartment into a superb apartment,

Living room and bedroom in one room: great idea from danish

Cozy decoration in monochrome tones The main problem of organizing a functional and aesthetically attractive interior of a small apartment is the need to equip a full-fledged place for rest and sleep in the guest cabin. Some homeowners find it very

How to equip 38 m2 of useful space - a wonderful interior of

Chessboard - black and white Again, we offer you the interior of a small apartment. Interesting? This apartment in 38 sq. m. m is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not so long ago, it was repaired. There are smaller rooms, and designer "finds", embodied

The project is the winner of the tender for the construction

Today we will talk about the project of erecting houses consisting of micromodules. In July 2012 in the United States, in the city of New York, the Housing Development Department held a competition for the best project for the construction of

Bright atmosphere in the glamorous interior of a small

Welcome to the cheerful little apartment, designed and developed by the architectural company Geometrium and located in the residential complex Lensovetovskiy, in a small village near St. Petersburg (Russia). The large bed was made especially for a

Interior of a small apartment - 35 m2 of thoughtful

Designers of OneByNine have offered their own design for a small apartment of 35 squares in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. Two creative people, who created more than one masterpiece, were able to adapt this small room to all the needs of a modern

Swedish apartment of 25 squares and its arrangement -

Minimalism in action We continue to acquaint you with the options for designing interiors for small apartments. The area of ​​this apartment, located in Sweden, is small - 25 square meters. m. The room is decorated in the style of Scandinavians,

Designers' recommendations: skilful design of tiny

Do you live in a modest apartment? Do you want to give it a more functional, aesthetically attractive and comfortable appearance? In today's reportage we will introduce you to unique advice from talented designers who will help you to form the
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