Women's look at the style of provence - sophisticated

And again the site about small interiors is glad to welcome its regular readers. Today we will talk about the beautiful Provence style, settled in one of the small apartments. The design was handled by the hostess herself. The spectacular

Kitchen design in a modern apartment +75 photo

Kitchen design in the apartment and its development is a multi-stage process, including design, selection of materials for the implementation of the plan, decoration of the room, its decoration and decorative "grinding". The front of the work is

What prevents you from living in a comfortable apartment of

Hot summer 2012 and the other day, my wife and I must go to the long-planned sailing in Croatia. I want to say, if you have the opportunity, I recommend this kind of rest. We flew by plane to Split, rested in the hotel and early in the morning

Design apartment 42 square. m + 75 photo examples of the

Forty-two square meters is quite a bit. The owners of small apartments realize that it is unlikely to create a palace interior in a small area. However, to make a beautiful and functional design apartment of 42 square meters. m is entirely possible.

40 sq. m. meters of modern minimalism - a stylish interior

Perhaps you will find that this Interior Design has nothing to distinguish it among many others. Here, the usual layout, dark colors and unremarkable furniture. But still, we advise you to take a closer look at it: you will certainly find a lot of

Furnish a one-room apartment with a size of 37sq.m. -

Here again is an example of a dwelling from Geterborg, Sweden. Now we will introduce you to a 47-square-meter nun. Designers who worked on it, decided to combine on a small patch of 2 periods: unique old floors, covered with parquet; a wardrobe

Interior for a gentleman - exquisite design of a small

In today's exclusive story, we will introduce you to the unmatched design of Victorian style apartments, which was designed and designed by Keir Townsend agency specialists in the British capital of London. The main feature interior design consists

A harmonious combination of the past and the present is an

Residents of old houses usually do not want to do major repairs. However, it is affordable to organize a beautiful design - it is possible. Emphasize several techniques from this example. The apartment is in a house built before the war. The hosts

Two-room apartments with a total area of ​​31 square meters.

It's great when you do not have to spend money on the services of specialists, because you yourself can come up with and implement the reorganization of your apartment. This is how the fashionable and rather well-known designer Maria Dadiani came

Elegant studio layout of a small apartment - emancipation of

For every small space, the main thing is a visual effect. How to achieve it? We offer a variant from New York. The area of ​​the stylish apartment shown in the photos is not large - 41 square meters. m. Before the designers was set a goal: to make
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