Brutality and weightlessness in the scandinavian interior -

We offer to get acquainted with one more amazing place, exuding coziness and hospitality and full of inspiring design ideas. Located in the Alvhem area of ​​Göteborg (Sweden), this house is the result of a painstaking work and combines an

We cut off all unnecessary - the ancient principle of

A small one-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​64 square meters in the center of the picturesque city of Stockholm is located in an old house that was built over a hundred years ago. The wall of brickwork in the living room became a kind of tribute

The design of a small studio apartment combines taste,

When we think of beautiful houses, we imagine sweeping mansions and unattainable estates. But the truth is that a beautiful home is something that you can mold out of your habitable corner. Why try to shove big things into small apartments? Is not

Cozy interior of a small apartment in scandinavian style

Arrangement of a small living space is always a painstaking job. Unlike a spacious house, where a design fantasy has enough space for the embodiment of all bold ideas, the interior of a small apartment is much more difficult to decorate. At what,

Design options for a two-room apartment

The houses of the P-44T and P-44K series are quite popular constructions that are erected on the site of demolished five-story buildings. The number of floors in them is from 17 to 25, the number of entrances is 2-8. The attractiveness and popularity

Applied geometry in modern design - a bold interior of a

Black broken line graphics This project is made in the style of minimalism, as only this design direction looks good in a small square, complex style ideas are inappropriate here. The finance allocated for the registration of this property was not

The unique charm of a tiny solar apartment in california

In this article we will tell our readers about a small but very stylish apartment of 55 square meters, which was the first independent housing for photographer Annie McElwain. This unique work of design art is located in the area of ​​Venice,

Redevelopment as an effective way to transform the interior

Interior of a small apartment from Pierre Petit It is not easy to design the interior of a small apartment. However, the designer Pierre Petit managed to cope with this task brilliantly and to reconstruct a small-sized dwelling with an area of ​​only

Tale to do bylyu - stunning design of a tiny studio

Designers are able to convert a room of any size. That's in an apartment of 15 square meters was able to create a comfortable and comfortable environment. This is the story of the site about small interiors. In such an apartment one person will

Registration of a small apartment 15 sq.m. m creative person

If you have a home from the very beginning of the 20th century, like one small room in a modern apartment, the advantage of which is perhaps the location in the center of the city, it is almost impossible to create a comfortable place for living
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