How to stylishly decorate a one-room apartment for a

For visitors of our portal we have prepared an unusually fascinating story about one unique idea of ​​talented master Nastya Muravieva. Her client was an unmarried man who appreciates the minimalist stylistics in the design. On some outline sketches

The original design project of a small narrow studio

Not everyone can afford expensive, spacious housing, and often the owners of small apartments wonder how to comfortably and rationally equip their living space. About how to design a small room, our site will tell today. Designers tried to glory

The elegant interior of the studio apartment: the nostalgic

You once lived in England, and afterwards you were forced to leave and now you miss your native London monastery? Feel uncomfortable even in the most posh apartment? Then the ideal option for you is to recreate a memory that is dear to the heart.

Industrial design of one-bedroom apartments overlooking old

Vilnius features an impressive cultural environment and magnificent architecture. In the city a large number of beautiful buildings, on the sixth floor of one of which is a studio apartment, the design of which worked specialists studio Inblum.

Elegant comfort on 38 square meters - stunning ergonomics

Meet a very charming apartment in Stockholm, which is a unique example of how to correctly and tastefully organize a residential space of small dimensions. It is very small: only 38 square meters. However, the owners are not deprived of anything

How to decorate a small apartment for a girl: 10 tips that

Today we will introduce you to an excellent selection decor ideas, which will help you to form a stylish and charming Scandinavian design in your apartment. Let's look at the basic ways of transforming the decoration on the example of a small

A remarkable example of literate zoning in a tiny odnushke

Are you the owner of a small apartment just in one room? Are you constantly irritated by the disorder and the eternal quest for the necessary items? Do not panic! One specific option for the design of a one-room room does not exist. But still, we

Do not be slaves of the matrix - bold design of an apartment

Hello again! The site about small interiors prepared an interesting story for its regular readers. To design an apartment of a small area, an extraordinary solution was needed that would help make the premises more comfortable and cozy. The authors

Cozy apartment for a couple in scandinavian style,

Small studio with minimalist furnishings The pure white decoration is a wonderful field for the embodiment of your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment and use new ideas in design!! You will be overwhelmed by the result. In today's story, we

Chic and stylish design of a small new york apartment - live

A wonderful loft style apartment is located in New York City. It had a bit of a peculiar geometry after it was transformed. Now it gives a new look to the old space. The interior design was developed by the studio Ix Design, they also chose a
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