Stylish studio apartment in a minimalist style: rational

Are you interested in the interior design of a small studio? We bring to your attention a design project for a one-room apartment designed by the architect Rick Joy. The design of the entire space is based on a white color. With it, black blends

Apartment design with high ceilings +50 photo examples of

Eastern wisdom says: "The growth of a man is measured not from the ground to the head, but from the head to the sky." The large airspace inside the apartment is an essential factor that ensures the mental health of the individual. It is very

Bohemian glamor in the scandinavian style - an interesting

If visitors to our resource want to see a really unusual interior, they should be interested in this apartment in Heleneborgsgatan street in Stockholm. For three decades, it was used exclusively as a storage for furniture until it

Exclusive interior, inspired by the love of art

The exclusive interior of this house attracts the attention of an abundance of amazing works of art Vanessa Brennan managed to make the interior of her house truly exclusive. She is always in search of unusual solutions. A rare ability to see the

Design studio area of ​​22 square meters. m

The area of ​​20-22 "square" usually has only one room, with the zoning of which receive a small kitchen, bedroom-living room, a tiny corridor, a bathroom. This is an undoubted "hit" of the last ten years in the primary housing market both in Russia

Modern interior of a small apartment from uda architects

Interior of a small apartment of 40 m2 In France, the designers of UdA architects presented the renovated modern interior of a small apartment of 40 m2 in total. In the project, they paid tribute to the marine history, and inspiration derived from

Design studio area of ​​28 square meters. m +50 photo

Studio apartments are very popular among young and old people. This accommodation is comfortable for living, attracts an open plan and modern design. Not everyone can buy a spacious room, but it is possible to turn a small apartment in a fashion

Away stereotypes - stunning interior of a small studio

This apartment perfectly illustrates the possibility of creating a full space for life in a very small area. Under the room for cooking they gave only about 4 square meters, but the designers managed to place there not only a dining table, but also

The charm of simple forms is the magnificent design of a

And again the site about small interiors wants to please its visitors with an original project, on which the designer Olga Kataevskaya worked very well. She managed to make a modern dwelling filled with sunlight, bright colors and fresh air from

The interior of a very small apartment: who said that beauty

Light walls and furniture from birch wood create a unique interior of a very small apartment Studio LI is a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the oldest part of Paris. For several centuries this building had time to try on the role and castle of a noble
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