The design of tiny apartments is a demanded niche of the

The design of tiny studio apartments presupposes the most scrupulous attitude to the choice of the subject of the situation. If your home has a modest size, there is no place for a spontaneously purchased floor lamp or a bag of beans. From

Non-standard layout of a small studio apartment

The impetus for the creation of this project was a composition called "Awakening", created by Gabriel Faure. The woman, who is a designer, first heard the work during the student concert of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Small-sized housing of 42 square meters. in manhattan -

This apartment was chosen by the owners in the main line due to the location - Williamsburg one stop from Manhattan. But, in order to get the maximum of 42 meters, the owners had to make a thorough attempt. 1. Owners are very lucky. In such

Unity of forms and colors - a luxurious design of an

We present to our readers an interesting work of Ukrainian designer Taras Boyko. He designed city apartments in the studio style for one of his customers. The main requirement was a cardinal change in the furnishing of the apartments and the

Interior of a small apartment of 50 m2

Interior of a small apartment on the top floor We present to you the original interior of a small apartment with an area of ​​only 50 m2, located under the roof itself and consisting of one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Entrance hall

The original idea of ​​planning an apartment with high

Apartment with high ceilings in Barcelona Интересный дизайн квартиры с высокими потолками разработали архитекторы Anna & Eugeni Bach. Апартаменты находятся в Барселоне, Испания. The project consisted in the reconstruction of an

But in meters is happiness? reflections of a tedious aged

In our country, the mentality is that if there is money, it is necessary to use the goods of the company IKEA (even if it is at a distance of 500 kilometers), buy gold toilets and build a cottage at least three floors. Does it really promote

Housing design in the scandinavian chic style: 22 meters

When you plan your future housing, you should think not only about beauty and convenience, but also about your main goal. After all, someone views their apartment as a place to eat and sleep, someone's design is one of the best ways to show off to

Finishing a narrow living space to a cozy room

High-rise apartment buildings often include not only spacious apartments, but also more economical options with the so-called linear planning. For example, the area of ​​one such premises in Rio de Janeiro is only 27 square meters, from which in the

The unusual design of the studio apartment: scandinavian

The apartment is 34 m2 in the beautiful Swedish city of Stockholm, decorated very elegantly. Despite the fact that the Scandinavian style in the interior is not uncommon, it is here that you can see how the classic plays in a new way, redone to a
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