Dark wallpaper for the walls - 37 photos in the interior

Often people do not even consider the idea of ​​making a room beautiful and elegant with the help of dark walls. Suddenly they make the room seem stuffy and gloomy? At the same time, dark colors can give any home a chic and exquisite look. Today

House with panoramic windows photo with 43 beautiful

The house with panoramic windows below, looks really nice and fascinates those around them with an unusual appearance. In this you can be convinced of the examples of such houses, selected by Dekorin. It is also important to consider that the

Choose wallpaper in the corridor in the apartment - 50

The choice of wallpaper plays a significant role for apartment design. They can become both an accent object in the room, and go to the background, emphasizing the interior. Today we will select the corridor territorially and pay special attention to

How to choose a carpet: a review of materials + photos of

Unlike carpets that cover only the floor area, carpet covering makes any room look warmer, softer and more expressive. With a huge selection of available colors, patterns and materials, you can definitely find the best carpet for your home. You just

17 most popular storage ideas for the kitchen

Any kitchen problems can be solved with the use of modern shelves, boxes and organizers, which are made to order or are sold in ready-made form. Do you have a huge collection of dishes? Kitchen appliances took all the countertops? Is it difficult to

Design and development of packaging of goods

The design of packaging and labels most directly affects the consumer's preferences. Usually the choice is spontaneous, so it is so important to give the product an attractive look. The high-quality and bright design of the label immediately

Fascinating design of the room for a girl or 61 idea of ​​a

Today's girls are not languid creation of the century before last. The interior of the room for a modern girl should not be pretentious, pretentious and heavy, on the contrary, now there is a light youth style in the trend. Modern women are no longer

White brick in the interior - 40 photos of successful design

Modern trends in the design of interior decoration are increasingly inclined to non-standard solutions, in particular, the use of unusual materials. White brick in the interior will represent order and cleanliness, and also create an exquisite

Printed bow tie from the design studio monocircus

Manufactured using fast prototyping techniques from polyamide plastics, printed tie-butterfly from the Japanese design studio Monocircus gives a new breath to the fashion accessory.The printed butterfly is visually very similar to its brother from

Which invitation card should i choose?

Many important events in the life of people and teams anticipate the distribution of invitations. The most common reasons for making invitation cards are: a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation ceremony, an exhibition opening, a corporate event for
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