Indoor plants in the interior of the apartment - 65 photos

Surely, many house houses have different indoor plants. Sometimes, even those who do not like to look after them at all, put on the computer table some kind of cactus. The fact that living indoor plants in the interior of the apartment have a

We decorate the interior of the kitchen in a private house:

The interior of the kitchen in a private house must certainly be stylish and modern, because this room is the heart of the whole house. It so happened that we use this room not only for cooking, but also for communication, work and even recreation.

Interior design of kitchen-dining room and kitchen-studio

Kitchen-studio: interior design and the freshest ideas Increasingly, the kitchen is not assigned a separate room, but only a certain place in the living room. So the space is much larger and the room is full of light and air. The main thing is to

Unmatched convenience along with a new ergonomic workplace!

This, unusual at first glance, a comprehensive workplace, combines a thoughtful design, compactness and convenience. Desktop equipped with shelves for convenient storage of your personal belongings, as well as a place for charging tablets, laptops

24 pairs of the most unusual watches in the world

The emergence of smartphones, now widespread, slowly but surely turns the clock into an obsolete item, which is very sad, because with the manufacture of watches are associated rich traditions of decoration and artistic skill. Listed here 24 pairs

How to add an interior light and a magnificent style with a

A chandelier is commonly referred to as a branched ceiling light with two or more light sources. In the Middle Ages chandeliers were made from wooden beams, usually in the form of a cross with metal candlesticks on top. To lift this structure to the

Closet compartment in the bedroom: ideas with 35 photos in

Need ideas for the design of the closet in the bedroom? In this article we have collected for you 35 photos of the most fashionable variants in different colors, styles, sizes and ways of finishing. Below you will see how the built-in, corner and

Red kitchen photo 47 original examples of design

The kitchen for the hostesses has always been, is and will remain one of the important premises in the house. After all, they spend a considerable time in it not only at breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also preparing food for all these meals,

Ideas of planning and design of kitchen with a bay window

Installing a bay window is one of the best ways to make kitchen space look bigger, lighter and cozier. Want to enjoy a beautiful view while cooking or washing dishes? Or have a comfortable rest area combined with a dining room? Then look in this

Wallpaper history

Wallpaper - this is certainly the most common type of wall cover in the world. Today there are a lot of varieties: paper, textile, vinyl, made of different natural materials, inlaid with crystals, crystals, etc., non-woven, high-tech and many other
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