Flaxus: stylish silicone stainless steel bracelet

Introducing Flaxus, the first flexible bracelet - a stylus! The fusion of style and practicality, allows the user to wear a feather like a bracelet on the wrist, keep it always at hand to control any device with a touch screen. Silicone bracelet is

10 smart ways to use the kitchen corner

Designing a corner space in the interior is quite a challenge, because it requires maintaining a balance between form and functionality. At the same time, a convenient kitchen corner benefits every owner of a small kitchen who wants to have as much

"on wheels" or a bicycle, like a work of art

The appearance of this particular transport we owe couriers Tokyo and New York. Their task was to promptly deliver special correspondence, personal parcels and urgent letters around the city, in which: traffic jams, parking problems and gasoline at

Palace comfort of living square meters: a room in the

Curtains in the Baroque style, a huge sleeping bed, tapestries and an abundance of pillows - the first thing that comes to mind when presenting the home of a rich aristocracy. Decoration of the room in the Baroque style is akin to an amazing

Amazing table concept from loook industries

This quaint a piece of interior can be either a chair or a table. Concept will be an ideal alternative to bulky tables, has a minimalistic design and comes in a variety of color combinations, making it perfectly suited for small apartments,

Beautiful stairs to the second floor in a private house -

Today, people often build two-story private houses, which are ideal for both large and small plots. Naturally, to combine the two levels in the house you need comfortable and beautiful stairs to the second floor. Modern and classic, straight and

Modern style in the interior

Modern style strongly relies on today's views and preferences of people, without looking back at trends that were earlier than in the near past. The interior, designed in a modern style, can be both formal and informal, but in no case - not

Salvin clein sunglasses with a flash drive in the bow

Many dreamed of a flash drive, which you can always carry with you so that no one will guess about it? Introducing you sunglasses Сalvin Кlein with a flash drive in the handle. Glasses are made in such a way that itself USB flash drive remains

Kitchen combined with balcony - 40 photos

In small apartments of outdated layouts, the kitchen, as a rule, also has a small footprint, on which it is difficult to accommodate everything necessary. A good option could be a kitchen combined with a balcony. The balcony, which often serves as a

Christmas garlands of paper with their own hands - 35 photos

Having made a variety of New Year's garlands of paper with your own hands, you can really festively decorate the apartment on the eve of the New Year. Making New Year's garlands has a very ancient history, and during this time many ways of their
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