Where to go on a honeymoon trip - the best resorts and

Planning a wedding? We bring to your attention 15 fantastic places that can make your honeymoon trip unforgettable! The most interesting resorts and luxury hotels for 2015 (TOP is made according to the French magazine Elle Decor): 1. Myanmar Bordered

Design of a balcony: interesting ideas for finishing with a

Today the balcony is an important part of the apartment, which is designed more for recreation than storing old unnecessary things (as it was before). Therefore, the beautiful decoration and design of the balcony are very popular. The cozy and

Modern interior of a private house - 25 photos for your

The modern interior of a private house is a mixture of different styles and directions in one space. The main purpose of such blending is to obtain the most comfortable and comfortable home for the owners. Correctly selected interior design allows

Wallpaper in the kitchen - 60 modern photo ideas for the

Choosing the perfect wallpaper in the kitchen as in the photo, each of us is facing a huge choice. Texture, coloring, material, price-quality ratio - all these factors should form a beautiful puzzle, and this is not easy. How to make repairs in the

Corner kitchens (photo 2016) - novelties in kitchen design

The modern design of kitchens is very different from what our moms and grandmothers loved. Warm colors and decor in the country style gave way to clear straight lines, smooth surfaces and the lack of excesses. Meanwhile, the photo of 2016, which

Choose your dream home: 10 stunning houses by the lake

Would you like to wake up every morning in a house with a beautiful view of the lake or a smoothly flowing river, a green forest or distant mountains? They say that dreams come true faster, when a person knows exactly what he wants. We offer you to

What color to choose for walls in the kitchen?

The choice of colors for interior walls is usually associated with personal preferences of the owners of the house, as well as with the size of the room itself. At the same time, there are certain colors that are best suited for individual rooms. So,

25 smart ideas for keeping things in the nursery

Constantly attacking and bumping into sharp parts of the Lego, cubes, letters, dolls and other children's toys can be quite painful and unpleasant. Fortunately, there are many ways to rid yourself of this annoying factor and make the nursery room

13 design ideas for the bathroom, which will become trends

If you are going to make major repairs in your bathroom, but have not yet figured out how, then we advise you for inspiration to take a closer look at the latest design trends. We tried to find out what new design ideas are going to make a splash in

Panoramic windows in the design of the dwelling - 26 photos

Panoramic windows, photos of which are presented in this article, are habitually considered an indicator of prosperity and good taste among the owners. The use of panoramic windows in the glazing of the house has many advantages, including a chic
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