Popular software for interior design

Before taking on the change in the interior of any room, it would be good to think about all the details. For this, programs for interior design are perfect. All of them differ in the level of complexity and their purpose. They can be used by both

Kitchen repair by own hands - lighting in the kitchen and

In this part of the article, we finish the story about ideas for repairing the kitchen with our own hands. We have left to tell about the light in the kitchen, the choice of colors and decor. If you started a kitchen repair yourself, then pay close

Kitchen repair by own hands - design and layout, part 1

The kitchen is the heart of the whole house, where the family gathers for dinner in a warm atmosphere. Kitchen repair with their own hands will create an interior that you like, in which you will be comfortable. Independently to repair the kitchen is

Modern design of a loggia photo with 20 design ideas

Owners of apartments with balconies or loggias have a good opportunity to turn an uncomfortable room, where they go only to smoke, to their favorite vacation spot. Popular ideas for the design of the loggia on the photo can be seen on the Internet,

Entrance hall design - 60 photos in beautiful design

Arrangement of the hallway should be given special attention, since the first impression of the apartment and its owners is formed from its appearance. The hallway design (photo is presented in the article) is formed on the basis of many factors -

Modern small kitchens - 70 photos with ideas, how to equip

In small-sized apartments, the organization of living space (especially in the cooking area!) Raises many questions. But if the accents are properly placed, then modern small kitchens become nice and cozy "nests". Our designers have prepared for you

The concept of a commercial passenger liner

After a thorough analysis of the commercial aviation market and cooperation with aviation engineers from NEVO Analysis Consulting Group, Shabtai Hirshberg reworked the design of commercial aircraft. His concept shows a significant improvement,

Construction of a frame house as a modern alternative to a

Many people living in big cities have a dream of owning their own homes outside the city, where you can relax with your family or friends alone with nature. If you decide to make a dream come true, and at the same time save money, then the

Modern lamps from dark wood from the company cerno

The design of the lamps was presented by the Cerno studio at the Dwell on Design exhibition, which was represented by a whole new product line of the company. The dimensions of the lamps were completely varied, starting from those that were placed in

How to choose a coffee table

The coffee table is the first thing that comes to mind immediately after the couch, when we plan to buy new furniture for the living room. And since this piece of furniture is so ubiquitous, the modern market offers us a huge variety to choose from.
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