20 ideas for creating the island & raquo; in a small kitchen

If your kitchen has a modest size, this does not mean that you should give up all those amenities that involves the use of the kitchen island. First, a smart kitchen island is an ideal way to expand the cooking area, which can also be used as a

How to decorate a room for the new year - 55 beautiful and

Waiting for the New Year's Eve is always a storm of positive emotions. On its eve, in addition to purchasing gifts, food for the festive table and other bustle, you need to think about how to decorate the room for the New Year. This process is always

Features and characteristics of scandinavian minimalism (68

Scandinavian minimalism is a very interesting direction. The decoration of the room in a certain style, emphasizing refinement and specificity, is becoming popular. The greatest prevalence in interior design was Scandinavian minimalism. Bright colors

Ideas for the living room: how to replace the coffee table

High or low, exquisite or bold, a coffee table is one of the main elements of the living room, which has a strong influence on her style, comfort and comfort. If you are in search of a new coffee table, then be sure to consider the option of

Interior design: what it consists of

The acquisition of a new apartment or the upcoming renovation in an old, long-required change, make you think about a way to translate your own ideas into its design. No one can design a interior better than a designer. Only in this case it is

Natural wallpaper in the house

Натуральными обоями сегодня называют и бумажные, и текстильные, и флизелиновые настенные покрытия, но если чье-то природное происхождение и может не вызывать никаких сомнений, то это, несомненно, будут обои Grasscloth, сплетенные из волокон растений

Design of a two-room apartment of 60 sq. m: design options

Before you start making repairs, you need to visualize the design of a two-room apartment of 60 sq m. Having a "plan of action" on hand, it will be easier for you to distribute repair stages and all the work ahead. It is important to distribute the

Features of japanese minimalism (63 photos of interior

Today the style of Japanese minimalism, used in interior design of any home, is the most popular. And this fact is absolutely unsurprising, since its application is the best way to make an apartment or a country house original, comfortable and

Zoning of one-room apartment - 62 photos of successful ideas

Having a small stock of square meters, at times, it is rather difficult to decide how to make zoning of a one-room apartment. Quite not simply solved such questions as: what to put, how to organize a sleeping area, choose a meeting place for guests.

Dining room design - key points

We all know that the dining room needs a table and chairs. But how to choose them? What else can you need to create a harmonious dining room design? To get an answer to these questions and simplify your choice of furniture for the dining room, you
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