Luxurious bedroom in purple tones - 30 photos of design

To date, purple is a prestigious fashionable shade that is considered the color of rulers and can turn your bedroom into lush chambers. If you have decided that a bedroom in purple tones is what you need, then consider a range of available shades and

Clock in the interior, like the original decor

If the watch is not an obligatory piece of furniture, then at least a very aesthetic addition. Such a thing will fit organically into the basic design of any room, whether it is a kitchen or a living room, a bedroom or a nursery. We offer you more

25 secret rooms and passages in apartment buildings

Do you remember how in your childhood you dreamed of finding a secret passage in your house? As children, we could search for them for months, imagining mysterious rooms full of treasures or secrets from the past ... Surprisingly, this craving for

Exotic chandelier from thyra hilden and pio diaz

One of the most terrible stories of childhood is the way through the night forest, which has completely changed with a cover of darkness, has become terrible: there the wind rages, terrible noises, grind, creak of branches, as if someone is following

Stylish wall-paper in an interior - 45 photos

Does your interior lack a bright accent that would evoke interest or create a certain atmosphere? Do you feel that your monotonous walls need a new breathtaking view? Then this article is for you! After all, no other way to finish the walls can not

Interior design of modern kitchen: practicality and beauty

The rhythm of life is gaining momentum nowadays: deadlines, traffic jams, eternal haste ... The interior design of modern cuisine can create a peace pantheon among the noisy city bustle, not forgetting to save time with the help of the latest

Nunoerin: interactive furniture that reacts to touch

NunoErin Is a collection of interactive furniture. Benches, chairs, tables reacting to touch. The project was launched within the framework of Interactive Diamond collection. Furniture responds to electric field human body, shimmering with bright

Interior design of a country house: options and 20 photo

In the 21st century there is a lot of fuss and unnecessary haste, and sometimes we need to get away from this noise somewhere far away. Therefore, many choose for themselves a country house and live in it calmly and carefree. Previously, housing

Kitchen design in a private house - 35 photos of modern

A private house, especially if it is built according to your design, — This is the place for creative self-expression, which will help to reveal your designer talent. You can arrange it as you like, choose the location and size of the rooms so that

Luxurious bathrooms for inspiration

Are you inspired by beautiful interiors? Do you think that the bathroom is not just for bathing, but for resting with your whole body and soul? Then for you in this article we collected more than 50 photos of luxury bathrooms, every detail in which
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