How to equip the fireplace in the apartment - 30 photos with

The trembling of the flames, the crunch of the burning tree and the warmth of the bonfire have always positively influenced the emotional state of the person. Today, to experience this pleasure, it is not necessary to go to nature, cottage or in a

Beautiful ideas for a bedroom

When life is full of work and daily activities, the bedroom is the only place where we can relax and unwind from all worries. If the bedroom is framed correctly, it will easily help you get rid of stress. For this, her design should include calm

Design of one-room apartment for a family with a child - 40

Growing up, each of us aspires to create his own family and "nest", which can be arranged, guided by their personal preferences and the needs of other family members. Often, young families with children have to live in modest housing: "Khrushchevka",

Man tablet: a brilliant advertising move from toshiba

The person the tablet from firm Toshiba, a kind of interactive carrier of new technologies of the well-known brand. In this unusual way Asian The campaign advertises the new brand "The Future is You". Clothing acts as a platform for people to

Inspiration from the past - retro interior design

With its bright and bold colors, elegant furniture and brilliant accents, the retro style is constantly returning to the top trends in interior design. Designers predict a jump in the popularity of this style in 2015, which means now it's time to

New year's decor: how to create a fabulous atmosphere in the

Preparation for the upcoming New Year brings no less joy than, in fact, his very meeting. An important role in it is played by the New Year's decor, whose presence in your home will create a real atmosphere of celebration and home comfort. In order

Two lamas baia and magic from the studio agency 360

The French design studio Agency 360 has developed two decorative table lamps, for KOS Lightning. Each lamp was specially made with an emphasis on the longevity and laconism of the presence of the lamp in any interior.Both lamps have the same

Concept of luxury yacht onyx 41

The joint creation of DeBasto Designs and Hodgdon Shipbuilding, the concept of yacht Onyx 41. The concept has smooth, unique lines that are very pleasant to perceive. This yacht sets a new standard in yacht technology in its class, a fully

Design a small apartment in khrushchev: 28 photos of the

The Khrushchevs are small apartments built in the last century. Despite their size, I want to make the design of a small apartment in Khrushchevka maximally functional and attractive. So, a small kitchen, a room and a bathroom can be turned into the

Interior design of the house: interior design for 35 photos

Almost everyone dreams of owning a private home with a cozy and stylish environment. In order to design a modern interior design at home, you can use the services of professionals in this business. However, you can also try to do it on your own.
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