Cozy houses where you want to hide in the winter

We love the winter for the stunning snowy views and the long festive season, but at the same time in winter we need heat more than ever - not only physical, but also spiritual. As a rule, in winter people are especially inclined to dream, plan and

Kitchen-living room of 20 sq. m: design of the united space

The combination of small rooms of small apartments of old buildings is quite common today. One of such solutions can be a kitchen-living room of 20 sq. M. The design of this design will add to your apartment additional square meters and help create a

Minimalism and unusual design in the stand chop stick

To all lovers minimalism dedicated, a new stand called Chop Stick from the architect Virginia B. Fairbanks. The project is located in the Indiana National Park, and could not be left without attention. A huge yellow poplar, about 30 meters long, runs

Design of a one-room apartment of 40 sq. m - the best photos

In this article you will learn that the design of a one-room apartment of 40 sq. M can be very comfortable, free and admirable, if it is right to approach it. Dekorin presents to you more than 15 projects and design options for apartments measuring

Tv above the fireplace: can i hang + photo in the interior

Who does not want to relax before the fireplace after a hard day's work and pass the evening watching your favorite TV shows? However, you could hear and say against putting these things around. Can I hang up the TV above the fireplace, what are the

Interior design - basic principles

Understanding the basic principles by which interior design is created, any space can be turned into a fairy-tale environment. Surely you know what it is like when you are in a well-designed room. When you literally feel how everything is related to

"bicycle love" by vitor machado

Vitor Machado - a designer who embodied the dream of childhood in reality. Taking as a basis the old bicycle, breathed new life into it - repaired, restored, painted and added accessories. For connoisseurs retro style and amateurs modern technologies

Interior of a private house before and after - 40 photos of

Looking for ideas how to change the interior of a private house? For your inspiration, we collected here 40 photo rooms before and after the repair. From small decorative changes to a complete redevelopment of space - here you will find examples of

Trendy coffee tables in minimalism style

If the sofa can be considered the main hero of the living room, then the coffee tables are the elements that provide invaluable support in terms of aesthetics and practicality. A unique coffee table can be a highlight of your interior, especially

20 inspiring living rooms in green

When it comes to choosing a color for the living room, we often prefer neutral shades. Most modern houses are characterized by the use of light, white, gray or beige background with the addition of various layers of bright decor and accessories. If
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