Decorating a house using wallpaper borders

Curbs for wallpaper today are one of the most versatile decorative tools. Moreover, they are very affordable and easy to install. Each wall acquires a more finished appearance with the addition of an elegant curb at the top, but to achieve a truly

How to decorate the interior of a private house: tips and 23

Thinking about the interior of a private home is not an easy task. After all, the house should please the owners with their appearance for many years! Life in a private house has a lot of advantages, in connection with which more and more people

Sliding wardrobes for every taste - 50 pics

Use the space of your home with the mind! Comfortable and roomy wardrobe cabinets allow the bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other rooms to look great, while having enough storage space. Here we have collected an excellent collection of 50 photos

Beautiful single-storey houses, or what it is - the perfect

You have already become a happy owner of the land, but have not yet figured out what to build on it? After all, the choice is great: beautiful single-story houses, two-story cottages and even whole castles ... Eyes just run away! We offer to gather

Short or long? choose curtains in the kitchen (photo 2016)

Unlike blinds, curtains are designed to serve as a decoration for the kitchen, add comfort, warmth and a sense of style. The length, shade, pattern and texture of the curtains have a huge impact on the appearance of the kitchen and the atmosphere in

Decoration of the interior with shelves for the whole wall

Consider these original ideas for applying high shelving in the interior, which will help to give your walls functionality and a very stylish look. 1. Finished racks with different shelves Shelves with different forms of shelves look much more

Popular styles of cuisine (with photo)

For many of us, the kitchen is a real heart of the house, because in this place the whole family gathers at the same table. From cute rustic to bright modern - this article presents the most popular styles of cuisine. Choose the one that best suits

Creative table lamp from yaroslav misonzhnikov

If your table is not thick from 1 to 2.5 cm, then fix this miracle will not be a problem. Designer from St. Petersburg Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has developed a lamp that is far in its design from the usual forms. This unusual piece of furniture made in

We use fashionable gray color in the interior (35 photos)

There is no doubt that the gray color in the interior is the dominant shade of the decade. Today, designers use it as a fashionable alternative to traditional neutral tones (brown and beige), which are designed to beautifully emphasize and combine

The design of a two-room apartment of 50 square meters. m:

Two-room apartments with a small common area are found mainly in houses built in Soviet times. The question of how best to design the design of a two-bedroom apartment of 50 square meters. m (photos will show many examples in the future) is still
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