Marble in the bathroom: 25 best photos

Marble has long been one of the most favorite materials for decorating residential and public high-class premises. Modern bathrooms can surprise you not only with original furniture, plumbing fixtures and accessories, but also with an exciting

Ceilings from gypsum cardboard - 50 photos of beautiful

The decoration of the beautiful ceiling is the final chord in the interior design. Ceilings from gypsum cardboard make it possible to implement any individual project, especially since such design is possible for any stylistic orientation of the

Funny baby carriage from the designer amir labidi

One of the problems of modern designs strollers in that they are not adapted to the emotional attachment of children. Most wheelchairs are designed to meet the functional requirements of parents, and the design alas, goes to the background. But what

Kitchen design: ideas and advice

Have you decided to create a new kitchen design and do not know where to start? Have seen a lot of photos on the Internet, but have not decided yet? Naturally, because decor manufacturers and designers offer such a huge choice! Nevertheless, the best

Combining the kitchen with the living room: 30 successful

The idea of ​​combining a kitchen with a living room can be an advantageous solution for a small apartment, but it will also look great in large houses. Such an open plan is a symbol of a beautiful modern life, providing at your disposal a large,

Design of the private house 2016 - modern trends in the

To support ourselves and you, our dear readers, in the course of modern trends and novelties in the design of private houses and apartments, we constantly monitor the requests of Internet users and themed sites such as Houzz and Pinterest that unite

Bottle for kitchen on 44 photos - we simplify and decorate a

Back home after a hard day's work, what do we do? That's right, we do household chores. Especially it concerns the work in the kitchen. Often different spices, bottles, cooking equipment, cereals etc. we store in different boxes, located throughout

Types and methods of applying venetian plaster (41 photos)

Venetian plaster is one of the most beautiful and complex types of wall decoration. It has become popular for a long time. But over the years its composition is only being improved, the coating becomes even more beautiful and stronger as a result.

Making a small living room

A small space is always a challenge for interior designers, and a small living room is no exception. As this room in the house is used quite often and not by one person, but at the same time by several people, at its small size it should be

Bedroom interior design styles on 60 beautiful photos

To decorate the bedroom so that you can enjoy the fruits of your work every day - it's not that simple. After all, it is the bedroom - a space in which we must feel comfortable, calm and secure. Today we will consider the interior of the bedroom and
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