Design of a small pantry in an apartment - 10 best ideas

Storage in the apartment can be used for storing supplies, conservation, dishes, cleaning products etc. Many of these items should be stored separately: cereals - in a tightly closed container, where pests do not penetrate; vegetables - in

Cozy chalet style in the interior of houses and apartments

When winter begins, our thoughts turn to themselves in the evenings, spent in warm and cozy rooms with a fireplace, comfortable soft furniture and luxurious decor elements. The chalet style in the interior is distinguished by an abundance of wood,

Interior design of a private house: modern ideas and photos

Do you care about interior design of a private house? Then Dekorin will help you decide on what should be the interior of a private house in modern style for today! Read more about popular and fashionable ideas, enjoy photos of beautiful living

How to search for an interior designer or architect

Do you want to hire an architect or interior designer, but do not know where to start? How they work, where to look for them, how their work is paid for - you will learn more about all this and more in this article. 13 tips for finding an interior

Interior of a one-room apartment: arrangement of comfortable

To equip the interior of a one-room apartment is a serious task, especially if several people live in it. It is important to think over every little thing, taking into account the interests of everyone. And comfort should not argue with aesthetics.

Design of a small one-room apartment: ideas for arranging

Arrange the interior of a small one-room apartment is sometimes more difficult than a whole private house. How to turn a small room into a comfortable living space? Before you start planning the design of a small one-bedroom apartment, you need to

Interesting backpack-jet pack from tessel supply

I can confidently assume that most of us in our childhood dreamed of the possibility of flying, even for a moment. And at that time technology did not allow this, leaving us only dreamers. Modern technologies have already stepped forward and we are

A collection of 4 things jangada from designer nicole tomazi

Brazilian designer Nicole Tomazi A collection of things in the oceanic style, called Jangada Collection. The collection consists of four knitted things, made in the colors of a shade of blue.The collection consists of a rocking chair, a seat, a

Beautiful lamps in the provence style for a modern apartment

If you make repairs, and the design of your apartment will be carried out in a provincial style, the correct selection of lighting will add to the interior of home warmth and comfort. Lamps in the style of Provence fill the room with soft diffuse

How to design a narrow corridor - 28 photos with ideas

A long narrow corridor is often the most neglected space in the house, where shoe boxes, old jackets and other unnecessary things fall down. Nevertheless, it is this place that opens the gaze of the guests as soon as they cross the threshold.
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