Facing the facade with a stone - 30 illustrative examples on

The appearance of a private house outside speaks about the social status of the owner, his tastes, style and way of life. Therefore, when building or repairing the exterior, it is important to choose beautiful and high-quality finishing materials.

How to design a two-room apartment (22 photos in different

In the real estate market, demand for small apartments stably keeps at a high level due to the ideal ratio of living space and price. A small quadrature does not interfere with creating a beautiful and comfortable design of a two-room apartment, as

9 kitchen design ideas without wall cabinets

When designing the kitchen, we used to believe that the top (hanging) lockers are simply necessary for the convenience of the hostess. However, in this article we will introduce to you 9 beautiful kitchens, the design of which demonstrates that this

Choose curtains in the children's room - 40+ photos

Children's room, almost the most important in the house, and its design often becomes the object of flight of the parents' imagination. At the same time, it is important to understand that the conditions in which the child lives, and in particular

White kitchen in the interior - 35 photos with ideas of

The kitchen in white is one of the most popular elections to date. Bright, cheerful and timeless, this color in any combination and style helps to create a spectacular interior design. In this article we will introduce you to the best modern models:

Kitchens from solid wood on 60 photos: varieties and rules

Kitchens from solid wood are furniture that will never go out of fashion. For centuries, kitchen sets from wood were in great demand due to many of their positive qualities. First of all, the kitchen is made from solid wood, creates a certain

An irreplaceable thing - a banquet in the hallway - 25

A good banquet in the hallway should not only be of high quality, but also comfortable in terms of space usage. With the help of built-in drawers, shelves, seats and backs, modern benches allow the hallway to look free and organized, and for you - it

The second floor in a private house: options for planning

For many people, a beautiful staircase leading from one floor of the house to another is a kind of work of art and a dream of all life. Are you planning to build a two-story house? Or decided to build a second floor in a private house where you

Design of a modern room with a loggia +50 photo of interiors

With the appearance of fashion in the studio, more and more often owners of standard apartments are beginning to rebuild their homes and turn them into a sort of combined version. The victims are brought balconies and loggias, which, as a rule, do

The mysterious mezhyhiria has opened its doors

As a blog dedicated to decor and interior design, Dekorin can not ignore this new symbol of corruption at its highest level. The luxurious residence of Ukrainian ex-president Viktor Yanukovych has always been a mystery behind seven seals. However, on
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