Design of the hallway in a private house: photo-ideas for a

It is the hallway that creates the first impression of the house and indirectly tells the guests what they can see in the other rooms. Of course, not only is the beautiful design of the hallway in the private house important, but also its

An unusual bird cage from gregoire de lafforest

French designer Gregoire de Lafforest has developed an unusual bird cage that combines functionality and a bit of fantasy. The cell was made in cooperation with the SeeWhy atelier using glass (for domes), metal (for wood) and wood (for frames).The

Ancient buffet for the kitchen and living room (photo +

Remember these capacious kitchen cabinets, divided into two parts by the counter top? Above it were open shelves with glass doors, and in the lower part - drawers and a closed pedestal. In past times, there was such a buffet in almost every home. And

Convenient solution - closet in the toilet above the toilet

One of the best improvements that can be done when repairing the toilet is to install a cupboard over the toilet. Firstly, it's beautiful and makes your toilet look very stylish and at home, like any other room. Secondly, a sanitary closet in the

Interior design of a country house: popular styles c photo

What to please yourself on weekends after a week of work? What could be better than relaxing with family and friends in a country house? If you share this opinion - you here. In this article Dekorin will tell you how to create an interior design of a

One-room apartment design - modern photos and ideas of 2018

The world around us is changing not just quickly, but at great speed. Gone are the days of sustainable styles in architecture and design. The modern design of a one-room apartment combines styles and directions, combining principles, stylistics,

The choice of colors for the living room design

Want to create a stylish and harmonious living room design? Then choose one of the 6 most popular color schemes! 1. Elegant green palette The color palette of various shades of turquoise and jade with the addition of a yellow-green color creates a

Liquid wallpaper in the interior - 25 photo wall decoration

Liquid wallpapers have become fashionable relatively recently, but have already earned themselves an excellent reputation. A large selection of colors and textures allows you to find a cover for any style of the room. How to apply this coating on the

How to choose a shower door: types, functions, ideas and

Shower enclosure - a design that has long been included in the daily use of each of us. This ergonomic and convenient construction is appropriate not only in small-sized and studio apartments. Even if you own a hundred square meters of housing, the

Rocking chair - 50 photos of different types of structures

A rocking chair is a perfect addition to any interior, which causes associations with the comfort and warmth of your home. Since ancient times, these chairs have been installed near the fireplaces. Some consider it an obsolete subject of the headset.
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