Kitchen-living room with 40 photos - basic principles of

One of the newest trends in the design of living quarters has been the unification of certain rooms into single spaces, a vivid example of which can be a kitchen-living room. This layout has a huge number of advantages, thanks to which quickly gained

Features of the romantic style (53 design ideas)

Interior decoration in the style of romanticism is designed to create a special unique atmosphere of elegance, luxury and at the same time coziness and comfort. This style came to us from the era of Romanticism, which reigned in Europe in the late

Green kitchen in the interior - 30 photos of the best

Green color in people is associated with envy, emeralds and jade. But in addition, this color more than any other is close to nature - the color of leaves and grass, ponds and lakes, apples and many other vegetables and fruits. And nature never makes

Fashionable interior design 2017: 7 popular styles

Planning to do repairs? Then meet - 7 leading styles in interior design for today. Descriptions and photos below will help you choose a fashionable finish, furniture and decor for each room, so that they match the main trends of 2017. You will learn

Kitchen design with balcony - 25 ideas

If you - the owner of the kitchen with a balcony, then there are amazing opportunities for maximally functional use of these additional squares. The overall design of the kitchen with a balcony directly depends on the possibility of combining these

Mooby: the creative concept of a city bike

MOOBY one-speed bicycle of urban and suburban type. Concept provides removable modular panels, which allows you to personalize the graphics. Side panels also allow you to choose the material, color and structure, which will help make the appearance

Modern design of a two-room apartment for a family with a

When planning to replenish the family, many young parents immediately think about how to properly equip their homes with the needs of the baby. The design of a two-room apartment for a family with a child should ideally involve the allocation of a

Manual paper lantern from kazuhiro yamanaka

Idea дизайнера Kazuhiro Yamanaka very simple, make a minimalistic flashlight from a simple sheet of thick paper and LED. A small incision is made in the sheet of paper, to the inside of which a light-emitting diode with a small battery charge is then

Idea for the kitchen: a kitchen island of old furniture

This publication is about how an unusual kitchen island can become the heart of your kitchen. See 25 photos of kitchens with islands that stand out from the rest of the furniture and can be made from old furniture by your own hands! Kitchen design

15 stylish designs of small hallways

Modern decor, pleasant tones, free layout, functional furniture and bright fixtures in the hallway will create a good first impression of your home. The design of the hallway is the first thing that you and your guests see when you go into the house.
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