Kitchen design with a sofa: 40 photos with recommendations

The design of the kitchen with a sofa can have many different interpretations. The choice of the sofa model will largely depend on the size and configuration of the room, and on the style. To date, there are many models: angular and linear, modular,

Original plaster of the bark beetle on the facades of the

There are many options for finishing the outer walls of country houses, but the most popular and affordable is plaster. Decorative plastering bark beetle on the facades of the houses creates the effect of a tree bark beetle exhausted, and also

Bookcase and libraries for home - 50 photos in the interior

To date, bookcases and libraries for the house have not lost their popularity. People all also read ordinary printed books, despite the abundance of electronic information in gadgets. Ideally, when the house can allocate a whole room under a spacious

Choosing a dining table

Unlimited choice quite often confounds. What style did you choose? Something antique, something modern or something timeless? A polished or beautifully painted table? To a certain extent, this decision is predetermined by other objects in the room.

Classic style in the interior

Recently we published an article on how to create a modern style in the interior. But if you find out that you like furniture more intricate and formal, as well as more refined and rich finishes than those presented in the photo, then you definitely

Interesting bathroom design with washing machine

The washing machine is a very useful household appliance for any modern apartment. Often, the modest dimensions of the bathroom, or the wrong layout of the interior space, do not allow placing such a dimensional device in it. That is why, the design

Tabletops for the kitchen (overview of materials)

The choice of the best material for kitchen countertops can be very complex and expensive. Before you put out a lot of money, weigh all the pros and cons of various materials, of which today are made countertops for the kitchen, and then your choice

Koizumi madison taipan - bicycle without suspension

Kozumi island - the main feature of the bicycle is the complete absence of suspension and the presence of only one gear. The bike is a one-speed and very durable bike for trick skating, либо специфических гонок. Он обладает сравнительно небольшим

Stylish ideas for storing things in the bathroom

10 ways to modernize the bathroom with "smart" ideas for storing things! Do you know that even the simplest bathroom cabinets can turn into incredibly convenient organizers for different accessories, which each time will raise your mood with your

Kitchen interior design: practical tips and interesting

With the kitchen, we often connect the most pleasant moments of our daily life, such as a delicious family dinner or a regular tea party. That is why the interior design of the kitchen should be enjoyed by all family members and inspired for a new
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