Living room kitchen design: ideas, layout options and trends

The unification of the interior space into one whole is not a new method. However, over the years it does not lose its relevance, and its popularity only grows stronger. If you decide to develop your own design of a living room combined with a

Coffee formula from behzad rashidizadeh bright start of the

Concept mugs Formula one will find recognition among fans of all unusual or simply coffee maniacs. Every time you want to enjoy a favorite, hot drink, this unusual thing will give a bunch of emotions. Cup can become, a creative gift or a spectacular

Modern kitchen interior in a private house - new solutions

Kitchen is a sacred place for any woman. That is why it is so important to properly decorate the interior of the kitchen in a private house and it takes a lot of time to give it. On what trends in the world of kitchen interior are now and how to turn

Black and white cuisine: how to create a stylish interior in

Kitchen in black and white style - the perfect compromise between elegance and freshness, practicality and refinement. There is an opinion that the design in such shades is cold and boring, but the black and white kitchen, decorated with the right

Small studio apartments: 40 photos in modern style

Even from a small, at first glance, room, you can make a comfortable home with all the amenities that modern people need. It is important only to choose the right design of a small studio apartment and implement it. Previously, these apartments were

Interior of one-room apartment: photo 30 stylish examples

For a small apartment, a well thought out design is of great importance, since in a small area it is necessary to fit a bedroom, a recreation area and a workplace. The interior of a one-room apartment, the photo of the design ideas of which are shown

How to choose the right bed

A healthy sleep is also important for our well-being, like maintaining a balanced diet and playing sports. According to the modern knowledge of man in the health and science of sleep, the right choice of beds is of paramount importance for this.

Stylish arch of plasterboard in the interior of the

One of the most popular ways of visual differentiation of functional elements of a dwelling is the use of arched openings. The gypsum board arch is a very convenient and elegant architectural solution that allows you to transform the interior of the

Design of a red bedroom: stylish design options for 30

The bedroom in the apartment is one of the main premises where you can relax, relax after a hard day, dive into a sweet dream or the world of intimate relationships, and how comfortable it will be to stay in it, directly depends on the interior.

Interior in high-tech style - the best ideas and photo rooms

High tech style (High Tech) appeared in the 30s of the XX century and at first also was called rationalism. For interiors, this style is characterized by straight lines, the use of a large amount of glass, fantastic lighting and sparkling metal
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