Tv stand in a modern interior with 40 photos

In our time, it is probably difficult to meet a dwelling, where there would not be a TV. The blue screen has become an integral part of our life, and therefore, among a whole variety of furniture, a headset, like a TV stand, is in great demand. Its

Stylish modern couches for living room and other rooms

Despite the fact that many of us sometimes like to take a nap once or twice during the day, this is not the real reason, because of which the couches again return to fashion. These versatile pieces of furniture today open up a wide range of

Ikea furniture: catalog 2015

Catalog of furniture IKEA 2015 will be especially useful for you, because now it is available in PDF format for easy download. It's great to be able to access the entire catalog via iPhone, tablet or laptop! In general, the IKEA 2015 catalog contains

Plywood table with your own hands - simple and beautiful

It is furniture that makes living in the house comfortable and cozy. In this article Dekorin will tell you how to make a table of plywood with your own hands. Of course, you can buy ready-made furniture in the store, but it is unlikely to perfectly

Religious furniture that will never go out of fashion

Some pieces of furniture are very pleased with their innovative and bold design, which quickly becomes popular and also quickly bothers. But sometimes designers manage to create such impressive and timeless things that they instantly become icons of

Corner cabinet design +75 photo

The design of the corner cabinet should correspond to the general stylistic decision of the room and organically enter into it. When choosing furniture, first of all, they are guided by the dimensions of the room. Angular structures refer to the

Desks - 150 photos of the best ideas for the interior. how

We offer you to see the photos of the desks in the interior. It is here that you can find the most interesting options for decorating your workplace at home or in the office. Also find out what materials are used to make such tables, and which ones

Dressing table in the bedroom interior

Dressing table - the place where you style your hair in the morning, apply evening make-up, choose beads-earrings, try on them, squeeze out adolescent pimples, rest after work at a manicure or put a useful mask on your face. There are a lot of

Small table - 40 photos in the interior of the apartment

The modern tendency of man to minimalism is often reflected in the design of interiors, which results in the need for compact functional furniture. A small table, for whatever it was designed, is increasingly used by designers in the design of living

Invisible people in the house: transparent acrylic furniture

If you want to have a stylish modern interior that in accordance with today's trends will be light, atmospheric and spacious, then you certainly need to consider the transparent acrylic furniture. Almost conspicuous against the background of the rest
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