Entrance wooden doors: description of options and

For many centuries people used wood as a reliable material for the design of furniture, houses and their individual elements. Entrance wooden doors are part of this story. Due to the positive characteristics that the natural massif has, it remains a

We use papier-mache in the interior

Traditionally, papier-mâché is used to make masks. Material, created from improvised means, takes absolutely any form. Papier-mache in the interior began to be used more recently. The material was associated only with children's creativity and the

How does the bar look in the interior?

Effective and functional bar counter will visually increase the habitable space in the house. A huge range of materials on the shelves of building stores makes it possible to translate any of your plans. A stylish and functional bar in the interior

Door decoration

Both the person on clothes, and about any inhabited premise judge on doors. Therefore, sometimes in order to update the design of the room, you do not need to spend expensive repairs, and you can make the original decor of the doors with your own

Kitchen interior - 100 photos of modern design

Each housewife wants to have a kitchen that she could be proud of, and brag to her friends. Surely everyone noticed how women decorate the interior of this room, make it warm and cozy. Table of contents of the article: Possible variants of kitchen

Embroidery in the interior

Hand embroidery is a folk craft, through which our ancestors adorned their everyday life. Times have changed, manual needlework has replaced professional embroidery machines, production of such products today is put on stream. Embroidery in the

Types and ways of painting walls in the interior +75 photo

The first examples of wall paintings can be called a rock painting of the Neolithic period. Even leading a primitive way of life, a person aspired not only to capture what he saw around, but to make these pictures the decoration of the home. At the

Styles of landscape design: create a garden of your dreams!

It would seem, well, what is difficult in creating a beautiful garden? He grew a lot of beautiful bushes, paved paths, equipped a recreation area ... However, not everything is so simple. To the garden plot looked beautiful and harmonious, it is

New year's crafts for 2018 - 60 interesting zadumok

Hooray! Before the battle of the holiday chimes, there are only a few days left. And this means that it's time to do New Year's crafts for 2018. This fascinating and pleasant needlework is able to charge festive mood, even those who in ordinary

Shower mixer - 27 photos with a description of modern

The shower mixer is an element of sanitary ware, which is not often noticed in everyday life. Buying a cabin, the buyer is primarily interested in design, dimensions and its functionality. But the mixer plays the most important role in the
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