Folding tables - 70 photos in the interior

A small living space is not an excuse to give up some interior items in favor of others. Designers Dekorin offer you to look at the folding tables in the interior of the premises. A full dinner, a nice magazine or a comfortable desk - you do not have

Kitchen-living room in a modern style - 5 design projects

The beauty, convenience and ergonomics of the combined living quarters have long been questioned by no one. The fact that the kitchen living room in a modern style - the solution is beautiful, simply undeniable! Today, together with designers

Hallways in the corridor with a wardrobe - 30 photos in the

The hallway is an integral part of the apartment, which meets us in the evening, and also escorts in the morning. The hallway in the corridor with the closet cabinet is a practical and functional solution that will allow optimum use of space in your

Decorative stone laying: technology and examples

Decorative stone is a remarkable beauty material that is used for various types of decoration, external and internal. It is much easier to make this material lining than ceramic tiles. Moreover, it can be done independently. At the same time, the

Cabinet decoration by own hands - 5 ways

"Dear dear cabinet!" - that's how the Russian classic Anton Pavlovich Chekhov turned to this piece of furniture, which is present in various variations in each apartment. Once the presence of a massive wardrobe was a testament to the social status of

Ideas for interior decoration: 15 ways to decorate things

1 A stylish apartment is a dream that many people find unattainable. It is considered that only efforts of professional designers and huge financial investments will turn an apartment into an ideal. But the fact is that to create a harmonious and

Decoration of eggshell

The decor of the egg shell is one of the simplest types of decoration. With its help, the surfaces acquire a mosaic texture, and the colors will help to depict the original drawings. Eggshells are decorated with bottles, flower pots, candlesticks,

Decor of the chandelier - 18 ways to decorate yourself

Today in specialized stores you can buy a chandelier of any configuration and design. The price range is also huge. But, creative people are not looking for easy ways: someone is engaged in decorating old or out-of-fashion products, someone is making

Wall clock in the interior - 55 photos in a modern style

Wall clocks for many years allow us to easily monitor the time. However, to date, they have also become an important part of the interior, allowing you to bring a zest to the room. Manufacture watches from various materials, such as glass, metal,

Beautiful flower compositions (72 design ideas)

Many saw compositions from flowers and dreamed of making them themselves. Everyone who once went to school knows what a herbarium is. However, in addition to his cognitive functions in skillful hands, these natural materials are transformed into
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