Selected decor ideas from tree branches with their own hands

Many of our compatriots photo romantic European interiors supply with the phrase: "You can not prohibit living beautifully." This is true if you have a good mood, fantasy and the desire to make your own home cozy. For these purposes, literally

Cassette roller blinds - how to make the right choice

Cassette roller blinds can be called an alternative to traditional curtains. They fit well into any interior, give the room a cozy and sun-proof. Decorating the windows in this way, you will not go wrong: it's style, comfort and an indicator of

Original handmade ideas

Decorative crafts will open the channel of the fantasy potential flowing from you, corked by the abyss of everyday life dozens of years ago. The procedure for generating a tiny miracle with one's own hands gives rise to a sense of occupation and a

Finishing of the facade with decorative plaster

One of the most widely used options for finishing buildings - decorative facade plaster. It creates a layer that protects the walls from external environmental influences and does not need further refinement. With this coating at the same time hide

Spectacular organza topiary

One of the most original and giving space for creativity of decor elements is a topiary made of organza. It is a small tree decorated with various materials: artificial flowers, dummies of fruit, dried flowers, animal figures, pebbles, feathers,

Bedroom design 9 sq. m. m. - photo of modern bedroom

Modern construction in the mass provided for the typical layout of apartments. Now the standard bedroom of 9 sq m does not surprise anyone. In this case, despite the difference in tastes and thinking of people, many of them are similar to each other.

Design of a small hallway - 45 photos in a modern design

Residential apartments of houses of old buildings often have a small quadrature, so it is important to think in advance of the proper arrangement of space. The question of how to design the design of a small hallway is one of the main, since this

Hallway design - 110 interior photo of the hallway

The impression of the apartment is created at her first visit, and the hallway is the room where guests first enter. Therefore, in order to demonstrate the taste of the owner, his potential and in general to set the tone for the design of the house,

Decorative pillows with your own hands - ways to create and

Room aesthetics is achieved with the help of decorative elements, which will complement all kinds of furniture, appliances and other dimensional items. In addition to the things that are regularly used as basic, there must be decor elements in the

Roman curtains with their own hands: the basis for the

Roman blinds have entered our interiors not so long ago. Due to its aesthetics and high practical indicators, quickly adopted and became a popular tool in the hands of designers. Roman curtains with their own hands will become not only a barrier
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