33 original ideas for a small children's room

To ensure that your child feels calm and comfortable, he must have a personal space, even if your family lives in a small apartment with close rooms. Modern designers offer a variety of ideas for a small children's room, which will allow you to fit

Interior of a country house

If you built yourself a country house or cottage, and are going to move there to live for the summer or even forever, then you should think about the interior of a country house. The situation in such a house in nature differs significantly from the

Designing a room in country style (51 interior ideas)

Designing a room in the country style is an interesting design solution for any apartment or villa. This style originated in the UK and gradually found widespread use in the US and Western Europe. Country is characterized by spontaneity and

White furniture in the interior

The relative unpopularity of white furniture in our country is due to the not quite correct representations of fellow citizens about practicality. It is believed that white or light beige color - a bad solution for furniture, including soft. But the

Cozy atmosphere, recreated in a loft with three bedrooms,

Reminding us of the bohemian artist this three-room apartment in Stockholm in the attic, demonstrates all the beauty and power Scandinavian design. The spaciousness, the combination of bricks and wood, as well as the colorful colored inserts in a

Design of a living room in eclectic style (70 interior

Many residents of modern houses and apartments prefer to decorate their homes in universal styles. The living room in the eclectic style has become a kind of visiting card of the 21st century home. It seems to connect the most diverse objects.

Design of the living room bedroom - examples of combining

The latest trends of fashion designers, these are spacious rooms, a combined living room and kitchen area, it is possible to combine the hall and bedrooms in one room. Well, if there is where to clear up, then there are no problems with individual

We equip the interior of the passage room

The passage room in the recent past was considered an example of an extremely unfortunate planning - there it is impossible to retire, you have to be always in sight. "Khrushchev" era functionalism, with such inconvenient facilities, even cost an

Black and white color scheme and vertical zoning - win-win

You knew that for apartments in black and white colors it's much easier to pick up parts and accessories, because on this background almost any element of decor will look good. Small dwellings often have a more elegant appearance. We bring to your

Design kitchen living room 30 square meters. m. + 70 photos

Modern housing of the standard and economy class means small living rooms and kitchens, therefore new settlers and buyers of apartments make re-planning, uniting the kitchen and living room, thus creating a studio space at home. In addition, the
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