Choosing the right lighting for the workplace at home

The workplace can be located anywhere, there would be a fantasy. However, according to scientists, on how well equipped and equipped with a desktop, depends on the productivity and success of the work. One of the factors that must be paid special

Center for aesthetic medicine neo derm in hong kong

Interior design of the Center for Aesthetic Medicine Neo Derm in Hong Kong is made with an emphasis on linearity, where the dominant white color is diluted with lime accents. Oh, these Chinese, always amaze with their elegance and subtle style.

Amazing ideas for decorating a student hostel

Bedroom from Natalie Myers Have you become a student and moved to a hostel? But at the same time, the overall style and depressing design of your new home does not cause you positive emotions. If your financial possibilities are limited, then use the

Dark floor in the interior - how to combine and design

The choice of floor covering is very important for the integrity and perfection of the final result. In the interior, the first major focus can be on the walls and furniture, but the floor, which influences perceptions, always remains the background.

Interior of the living room in a classical style - photo

The right interior design can create a feeling of comfort in the house. It is a mistake to believe that it is easy to form such an atmosphere. To do this, you need to apply enough effort, know a lot of simple and useful tips. If you decided to try

Refresh the style of your hallway

Take a few tips on arranging the space in the hallway, and, believe me, your shoes and other items will be in perfect order. The transition from winter to spring is the best period that you should use to get rid of excess items before entering your

The uniqueness of glossy stretch ceilings (55 ready-made

Glossy stretch ceilings - the original way to decorate ceilings in any room. Thanks to this material, an individual and unique interior is created, it is possible to effectively decorate any room. Among the modern stretch ceilings are two main groups

Unique designer interiors of small bathrooms - photos and

A small bathroom is not a verdict, it is a guide to action. The main functional purpose of this room is the performance of hygienic procedures. The main task in creating an interior is to make sure that all manipulations are carried out with comfort

Show-room, apartment house and office from ábaton

Show room, office and dwelling house under one roof is interesting project Architect bureau and construction company Ábaton. Built on the outskirts of Madrid, the house has a distinct geometry and modern style. The concrete floor is combined with the

Saving space: 10 ways to increase the space in the bedroom

Many people want to increase the space in the bedroom. Often this is helped by keeping things under the bed. How to increase the space in the bedroom with the help of pallets However, when you think about the space between the bed and the floor, the
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