Stylish dwelling from an old warehouse. london, great

Today we will talk about how the English designer Hughes was able to turn the unpretentious warehouse of the old factory into a posh apartment in the style of the 30s. "What should we build a house? Draw - we will live! ". That's exactly what

Design living room 20 sq. m with one window (+30 photos)

In the design of the living room design of 20 sq. M with one window it is necessary to in principle calculate every detail of the interior or an item of interior decoration. The introduction of light palette tones on the walls of a small living space

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: we

Do you dream of a kitchen that is not only convenient for cooking, but also a pleasure to spend your free time? It is easy, most importantly, to choose the right color design. The right combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen is not

How and where to put the tv in the bedroom?

Do I need a TV in the bedroom? It is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to such a question. On the one hand, there is absolutely no need for quality sleep, but on the other hand - housing conditions do not always allow you to equip a

How to achieve coziness in a small apartment - practical

Each owner of a small home is keenly interested in the problem of the most convenient arrangement of his territory. The main thing in this business, it is good to think over every little thing, not to miss something important. First visually

Beautiful living room in your house. 150 original ideas

Graceful upholstered furniture, cozy textiles and warmth of the fireplace do not necessarily have to be attributes of exceptionally spacious living rooms. Modern construction technologies and newest finishing materials make it possible to create an

Unique ideas for the organization of storage areas in

If you rent a small apartment or a house, you must have faced the problem of compact and rational placement of clothes, shoes and personal belongings. Miniature baskets, concise headset items and modular furnishings will allow you to form wonderful

12 unique interior options for small kitchens - exquisite

Do you think that your kitchen is not spacious enough? Of course, size is a relative term, but everyone agrees that the limited area forces us to make additional design decisions for small kitchens. Italian manufacturer Scavolini offers to our

The solemnity and elegance of baroque furniture (60 photos)

Baroque furniture has not been out of fashion for several centuries. The style of the Baroque was most developed during the time of Louis XIV and during this time it almost did not change, replenished with only new materials and technologies.

10 incredible ideas for small rooms

If you live in a small apartment and want to properly organize space, decorate your home beautifully and make it as convenient as possible, you have successfully visited our site. There is everything you need to tell you the right decision. You
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