Decent design in a small bedroom? there is nothing easier!

A small bedroom is not a punishment for sins in a past life, nor is it a harsh truth of life that must be accepted uncomplainingly and with humility. Several design tricks and tricks will help you get out of the situation and create the most

Bedroom design in oriental style, like a fairy tale of 1000

Styling the interior in the oriental style - the concept is very capacious and extensive. After all, every eastern country has its own traditions and characteristic features, sometimes - contradicting each other. But the East is always an atmosphere

10 ideas for decorating the porch for christmas

Christmas is always a fabulous time full of joy and magic, especially when it comes to decorating your home. Every year we try to outdo ourselves in decorating the tree, at home in general, so that when the guests come, the only thing they could say

Modern interior of the apartment - 30 examples of design

A truly modern interior should not only be contrasted with traditional design approaches, but be beautiful and relevant, focused primarily on the specific wishes of the owner. The variety and multifunctionality of such solutions make it possible to

Psychedelic interior of a small apartment for sophisticated

Combining different directions in the same room Invites you to get acquainted with the talented Russian designer and her projects. Irina Krasheninnikova is a wonderful young interior designer who was able to combine nostalgic notes and a modern

The layout of the dressing room: 30 photos of large and

In the arrangement of a dwelling, whether it is an apartment or a private house, an important role is played by the layout of the cloak room. It is much more convenient to try on an outfit in one equipped room, where there is a large mirror and a

Kitchen-living room design 25 sq m - ideas and solutions

To combine the kitchen area of ​​the room and the rest room is an interesting design idea, which is very popular in the studios apartments. This solution when decorating the kitchen-living room design 25 square meters. m allows you to realize a lot

Village house with guesthouse in new york state

Dutchess House No.1 is a private house designed by an architect Matthew Grzywinski, representing the studio Grzywinski + Pons. Located in the small village of Millerton, the US state New York, the house is designed for a single family. It is

Specificity of style: modern doors (45 ready-made solutions)

Modern doors will be a universal addition to any interior of a modern dwelling. According to the rules of good taste, designers consider that interior doors must be in harmony with the interior of the room, otherwise they will look ridiculous. It

See 30 photos, where we combine the kitchen with a balcony.

So, the decision is made - you will connect the two areas in one. But how do you manage the freed meters? I do not want to get the same banal room, just bigger. We picked up photos for you, where the kitchen, combined with the balcony, is a sample
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