Organization of a small space for a comfortable stay

Every morning, preparing food and going to work, you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for the right things. All that needs to be done is simply to organize the space in the house correctly. It will be pleasant not only to you, but also

Interior of a small two-room apartment in the style of white

Interior: white minimalism using black accents Today we present to our visitors one more option of creating a modern and maximally comfortable interior in the style of white minimalism. Far from each of us is a happy owner of an extensive living

Amazing ideas for the design of comfortable small apartments

Currently, the most popular type of housing for many people is a small apartment with one or two rooms. However, in conditions of limited space and low financial possibilities, you can create in your apartments a comfortable, aesthetically

Competent design of a small bathroom: a harmonious

Surely most of you are lucky owners of small bathrooms, which, with the next repair, will try to refit and give them not only a fresh, but also a modern look. In this case, the larger the area of ​​the room, the more constructive possibilities

10 delightful interior projects of a miniature bedroom: the

Elegant and refreshing design of a small bedroom Bedroom decoration is a task that is very different from planning the rest of the house. As you know, unlike the kitchen and living area, it is a private shelter for rest, relaxation and of course,

Unique help: how to make a small space multifunctional and

Today, everyone can learn how tiny rooms can perform several functions at once. After all, this solution will save a lot of precious space and will satisfy the needs of all residents of the house. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the

Gartner penthouse for $ 29.5 million in new york

Gartner Penthous is located in Lincoln Center, New York and put up for sale for $ 29.5 million. For this money you will receive 545 sq.m. of elite living space by combining three separate apartments on the top floor of the Millennium Tower. Five

Brown living room- photo examples of beautiful interior and

One of the warm tones is brown. The color scheme of it is so rich and diverse, which is a whole range for fantasy designers. At all times, natural colors have been in great demand, and browns even more so, since almost all furniture was made from

A selection of interesting design techniques using small

Not so long ago the kitchen design was carried out on the principle "More is better". Nowadays, the trends have swung towards a reduction. Now in the interior with a massive hood and a long, floor-to-ceiling cabinet, you can find a small kitchen

How to decorate a small apartment - an impressive example of

This comfortable accommodation is located on the attic floor of the building in the Swedish town of Göteborg. This structure was erected in 1987, its enchanting attic space due to the use of professionalism and the phenomenal talent of the master
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