Interior of a bedroom in a wooden house

What could be better than resting in a wooden country house? Only a dream in his cozy and warm bedroom. Creating a bedroom interior in a wooden house, it is necessary to be guided exclusively by their tastes and needs. You can choose the style

The combination of toilet and bathroom: the recommendations

The connection of two rooms into one is, perhaps, the most common variant of repair. Removing the wall and "grabbing" a couple of dozen centimeters from the corridor or hallway you will get a new and functional room, in which you can easily fit the

Luxury and style: even functional furniture for small

Functional furniture for small apartments from illDesigns Functional furniture for small apartments "Residential cube" is a very stylish solution for small dwellings and premises. Designed by a group of designers to save space, this interior element

Thoughtful design of a small living space: 6

A tiny apartment is in the forefront, a platform for deliberate and optimal interior decoration, and also a great reason for one's own discipline. If you do not want the dwelling to look like Plyushkin's residence in a couple of years, you need to

Smart and cunning kitchen stealth kitchen, hiding

Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture is an intriguing concept consisting of modular functional blocks hidden behind a beautiful wall. The idea of ​​hiding kitchen components surrounded us from time to time until it became innovative. Patented

Accommodation in tents at the banyan tree madivaru in the

Hotel Banyan Tree Madivaru on Maldives offers its guests a luxurious holiday on the island-reserve. Unlike other luxury hotels, there are no huge villas and thatched houses on the water. In Banyan Tree Madivaru you will be accommodated in tents,

Design living room 17 sq. m - interior photo

To the arrangement of their habitation, each person comes seriously. After all, from the slightest detail or decor element, the whole apartment can start playing with new colors. With a special imagination and creative approach it is worth

Portal for electric fire with your own hands

The materials used are subdivided into finishing and decorative purposes. The first group includes boards, plasterboard, various profiles, etc. The second type is upholstery fabrics, films, tiles and so on. Excellent looks stone in the interior.

Cabinet showcase in the design of the living room - for your

A cabinet is a cabinet with one or several walls made of glass or some other transparent material (plastic, acrylic) so that the objects stored in it can be seen. Today showcase cases are widely used not only in museums, exhibition halls and shops,

Color of the floor and doors in the interior - a combination

For a comfortable stay in the house, space is divided by interior partitions. The installation of doors in the openings allows you to achieve privacy of the situation. However, it is not always possible to create a harmonious combination of decor
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