Impressive photo facts - a small apartment is not a reason

Small-sized studio apartments can be decorated very stylishly and even with more ingenuity than large rooms. A limited number of square meters is not an excuse to give up modern comfort and the embodiment of a beloved artistic image. In a small

Visual increase of the room

Any room can be reconstructed in such a way that it will appear much higher and more spacious. Typically, designers use for this purpose several well-known techniques such as choosing the right color palette, the right choice and location of

Monochrome apartment design

In our time, black and white cinema is a real rarity, but at one time it perfectly coped with the entertainment of the audience. And the missing details and colors added the imagination of the viewer. But there were also such pictures in which the

Give your child a fairy tale by organizing the best

Turn a small number of meters, which has a child, in an ideal playing field - this is not a fairy tale and not a fantasy, this is a real reality. Believe in this reality will help designers who are real professionals, for whom even 7 square meters

Photo wallpapers in the living room - 100 photos of unusual

The living room always played the role of a rest area for friends, relatives and colleagues who visited the apartment. On holidays it is convenient to hold various events for a wide range of guests, especially if there is a child in the house. Since

Interior of a small apartment: how to organize a reception

Do you live in a small apartment and you often come to visit? We also have useful tips for this case. Today's theme is devoted to the cordial welcome of friends and relatives. It's great if you have enough spare rooms and cash to make their stay a

Transparent table for the living room from the designer eric

Minimalism has long won the hearts of many homeowners, the combination of the spaciousness of shapes and colors with the functionality of the object - the most important features of this style. Design Studio Eric Pfeiffer (Eric Pfeiffer) has

Design of a small room: 4 unbeatable design receptions

Looking at these beautiful photos, who would have thought that this apartment went to the new owners is not at its best. Imagine: just one room, not completely broken into zones! But after a little thought, the experienced designer managed to find a

The kitchen of a small area is a grief or an incorrect

Many housewives complain that their kitchen is small. But is this a problem, as it seems at first glance? Not really. With the proper arrangement of the room, even a space of 7 square meters can become the most cozy and comfortable. A large room

Baroque living room - 75 photos of unusual design

Baroque style in the interior of the living room best emphasizes the condition of the owner of the apartment or house. The living room is made in the royal style, with an expensive, special decor and beautiful, amazing furniture. For the embodiment
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