Tips for interior design of a small apartment from the

Interior design of a small apartment from Alan Chu This time we will introduce the visitors to the site about amazing interiors with an interesting project by architect Alan Chu on the redevelopment and arrangement of a small 36-meter apartment in

The small pantry turns into an elegant dressing room!

You have a small storeroom in the apartment and you can not figure out how to use this space for a more comfortable organization of home life? So it's time to get acquainted with this article, in it we'll tell you how easily and simply unnecessary

Apartments of russian celebrities: features of the "star"

Learn as much as possible the details of your idol - is not this the dream of every fan? Today, fans of the current celebrities are interested in literally everything: how do the favorites of the crowd live, who they meet, what they eat, etc.

25 examples of the interior of a small children's room for

It is a pity that with the birth of babies, together with them, not always there are additional square meters of living space. Most often you have to be content with what you have. What can be done if the children are two, and the room is one. Look

Dressing room in the bedroom - 40 beautiful and stylish

Clothes and shoes are constantly accumulating in the dwelling, even when it seems that we have absolutely nothing to wear. For this reason, the storage of clothing requires careful organization. Usually for this we have in the house several hangers,

A small boat on wheels - a traveler's dream

A small boat on wheels is always ready to travel Are you ready to sail in a small boat on wheels when the road is over? Combined camper Sealander is not limited to banal movement only along the routes. You can easily make it a water trip.

Inspiring murphy bed models

The subject of the Murphy furniture set is a bed with a lifting mechanism. It can be easily mounted on the wall, thus freeing up valuable square meters for the reception of guests and various entertainment events. It can be built into a bookcase or

7 simple ways to save on kitchen repairs

Want to make repairs in the kitchen, but you have a limited budget? You do not need to be a jack of all trades in order to reduce the cost of repair work or nightly watch the video on YouTube with instructions on how to install the plumbing

Design of the cabinet - interior ideas on the photo

Work on the design of a modern cabinet design, as well as any other room, you need to start with the drafting of a plan. When drawing up a design project of the office, there are no trifles in the apartment, all aspects are significant here, up to

New jessica chestane duplex worth $ 5.1

Jessica Chestane - a happy new owner of spacious apartments in one of the most desired premium buildings in the Midtown Manhattan area, Osborn's house. Chestane and her boyfriend, Italian and director of the fashion house Moncler Jean Luca Passy de
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