What toys to choose for christmas trees?

Buying jewelry for the New Year tree is not only very pleasant, but also responsible and troublesome business. Picking up toys and garlands, you should not just think about their beauty and originality, it's important not to forget about safety. In

Design of the living room in khrushchev - 30 photos of room

The complexity of decorating the living room is the desire of the owners to accommodate everything at once. However, a large number of the same furniture does not go to the room for good. Especially, if it concerns a small Khrushchev. The hall does

3 most unusual ideas for storing books

Rational ideas for storing books, records and other media carriers will not leave you indifferent. Non-standard ideas for storing books In the article you will find three interesting ways to conveniently place your favorite collection, which you

Another proof of the designer dodgy - amazing design of a

In today's story, we will introduce you to the design of a small kitchen area, which was developed and successfully implemented by professional designers and engineers of the architectural bureau Grant Davis Thompson in the New York area of

3 myths about tiny spaces - violate the rules

You probably heard more than once that to create a beautiful and ergonomic interior of a small apartment there are certain principles and norms. Among them are: neutral gamma for finishing various surfaces, miniature furniture and the location of

Living room with fireplace - 80 photos of the best solutions

Nowadays, the living room with a fireplace still has not lost its popularity, despite the appearance of new trends in the design of rooms. The presence of a fireplace will bring to your house an additional note of comfort and coziness, and

How to arrange furniture in the hall: ideas for planning +

One of the most difficult decisions that we take when designing your house or apartment is how to arrange furniture in the hall. Different layout of furniture in the room will differently affect its atmosphere, visual appearance and comfort. Is your

Interior of the living room with stairs to the second floor

The staircase is a rather unusual element of the living room. In typical (especially - panel) houses, there are almost no two-storey apartments, so the staircase in a residential building is most often found in cottages. This element should fit well

Close contact - how to stay in a small kitchen with the

A small kitchen is quite an actual topic for almost every person. If you live in a big city with a fairly dense development, then you know firsthand what a small zone is for cooking. And, of course, you are striving to expand it at least visually.

How to create a harmonious design of the living room in a

The design of the living room in a modern style is distinguished by the absence of any stereotypes and patterns. On the contrary, the interior looks very unusual and peculiar. Increasingly, studio apartments appear, in which a combined kitchen and
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