A unique kitchen-cupboard - the ideal solution for a small

Readers will be interested to get acquainted with the innovative idea in the style of the spy saga agent 007. Guess what is hidden behind this elegant, bright orange glossy cabinet? The task of designers was to equip the living room for a young lady

Interior design of a small bedroom: several interesting

In a small room it is quite difficult to put all the necessary furniture. The classic formula for furnishing a bedroom is a bed with two bedside tables and a wardrobe. But, of course, this is not enough. To improve the appearance of the boudoir and

Kitchen design in country style

Is urbanization attacking? It is not necessary to leave the city, as a cozy village atmosphere can be created at home. It is only necessary to introduce wooden objects, ceramic and wicker products and colorful folk elements into the design, as the

A creative idea for arranging a guest room, which is worth

Do you have a small apartment or a modest cottage outside the city? And you do not have a separate bedroom for guests? But at the same time you often take friends and relatives within your own home. You can arrange them in the main salon, free the

24 ideas of using mirrors in the interior

The ideas of using mirrors in interior design, set out below, are able not only to decorate your house, but also to transform it. Mirror furniture, full-wall mirrors, mirrors in the bathroom and much more - more than two dozen ways to use mirrors to

The idea of ​​organizing space in a narrow kitchen

The family from San Francisco, gravitating to country life, found itself ideal, especially in relation to the kitchen, a refuge not far from Sonoma. Catherine Clark and her family have always dreamed of having a small house with a plot where they

5 simple ideas for decorating kitchen walls

Color: designer secretsAdd open shelves - a fresh trend in interior designCarefully organized kitchen wallMake the kitchen unique with the help of a slateIf you like to view fresh design magazines in search of ideas for decorating kitchen walls, but

Secrets of the design of a miniature apartment - borrow a

Bright space with juicy accents The area of ​​the presented apartment is only 40 square meters. By Russian standards, such a territory is not considered to be the smallest. An interesting fact is that there is only one window in it. And this feature

Two in one: where will we make a bedroom?

The small area of ​​the living quarters is not a reason to be upset, it can become a real surprise for those who can organize the correct layout and design. The combination of the living room and the area for rest and sleep is not only possible, but

Thoughtful repair of a small bathroom - maximally save

On the Internet, we find useful topics about the repair of the bathroom, but more often it's about large and large-scale rooms. And what do the owners of a small or even a combined bathroom? The first thing you should remember when repairing a small
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