Black color in the interior: ideas of color combination +75

During the formation of the design project, depth and unique charisma of black color are often undeservedly neglected. But skillfully placed accents make it possible to create a unique style of decoration, the key features of which will be laconic

Effective ways to turn a small-sized space into a dream

We all want a huge family kitchen, but usually we have to deal with something less. Who said that regardless of the size of the room requirements for the placement of furniture in it remain the same? The kitchen should be functional, but it is

Magic of mirrors: 5 unique ideas from specialist maria

A tiny room provides plenty of room for imagination and experimentation! Many believe that interior of a small apartment you can not do without mirrors, which are one way of visually increasing space and filling the atmosphere with incredible charm

Deluxe indigo villa in spain, hiding an "endless pool"

For all who are now going to go on holiday to Spanish Catalonia, I advise you to take a look at this luxurious and luxurious villa, as it is rented out! It was designed and built by Josep Camps and Olga Felip and is located in Caldes de Malavella,

Decor living room - ideas and approaches to decorating the

A harmonious and finished view of the room gives details, because it is in the details that the individuality manifests itself. The decor of the living room should reflect your character and lifestyle, and for this there is a mass of standard and

Original solutions for a small kitchen - a non-standard

Rational use of space is one of the perfect solutions to the problem of placing furniture in a small space. And this applies to the kitchen in the first place, because here in the evenings the family gathers, and the landlady has to spend so much

Choosing a decent gift for a modern leader

Undoubtedly, almost any modern leader is the person who is the head of the company and that is why it should always be a vivid example for universal imitation. At the same time, he should be distinguished from the general environment not only by

Interior of one-room apartment in high-tech style (56

Functionality and simplicity - these features should be laid in the interior of small apartments. One-bedroom apartment in high-tech style will become more ergonomic, filled with light and a sense of great space. This style of people active,

Effectively use a small hallway and staircase

If your staircase is large for a small hallway, there is one solution - to maximize space, loading it with additional functions, giving it a beautiful appearance, increasing utility and functionality. First impressions of the house are formed in

How to correctly design a small living room - a collection

Each of us periodically wants to change the situation without global rework, and for this you can only pick up interesting accessories and interior items for the living room, for example. In this room a lot of time is spent, it should be cozy and
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