Baroque style - royal luxury (53 design ideas)

"Fanciful", striving for sweep and splendor. He perfectly embodied in creating the image of any room. It is a Baroque style that originated in the late 16th century in Italy. The idea of ​​a grand combination of reliefs in art and architecture like

A small living room: create a volume with the proper

In the decoration of residential interiors one of the main problems is the decoration of a small space. Ultimately, compact homes are now the most popular than ever. Many modern dwellings in high buildings with a limited number of square meters

Living room in wenge style - 100 photos of ideas of stylish

Now the Wenge color in the design of the living rooms became fashionable. Why did African exotics and a new tone in interiors become popular in Russia? Among the usual directions new shades of wood turned the standards of colors, and allowed

The universal couch faz, equipped with speakers and

Inspired by the form of natural minerals Spanish architect Ramon Esteve developed for the company VONDOM universal couch, stuffed with modern technology. The code name of the project is Faz. The couch has a number of unique useful chips.One of which

Kitchen design in art nouveau style: simplicity and

What is the kitchen? This is not just a room for cooking and following meals, but a place where it's nice to get together with the whole family after a hard day's work, invite invited guests or dear friends to a tea party. And, in addition, the

Garage design ideas +75 photo interior

The biggest problem for car owners is buying or building and equipping the garage. This issue is most acute in megacities, where prices for square meters bite, and I do not want to keep my "swallow" on the street in the rain and snow. For motorists,

We place tv in the interior + photo examples

TV is the property of every family. Improved miracle of technology without problems is rationally placed throughout the apartment. Today the TV in the interior is a stylish addition to the design of the room, and not just an entertainment device.

Bright accents in the interior of small apartments

Bright accents in the interior of a small apartment: 4 best options The presence of bright accents in the interior can play a decisive role in creating the illusion of space. In our selection - examples of excellent design solutions for apartments

Country style in the interior of the apartment - comfort for

Many rural residents do not know that the decoration of their homes is decorated in the country style. Meanwhile, the rustic theme already vengeance conquers the spaces of the most fashionable and modern interiors of the world. Content: From the

Competent organization of small kitchen space

Today's article acquaints readers with the way to organize a kitchen space area of ​​9 square meters. meters, allowing a simple rectangular room to give rounded features. The focus of this design solution is an island in which the elements of the
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