How to make new covers for your own furniture

You are desperately tired of old, worn out cushions-seats in the country chairs? Before deciding to buy a new set of dacha furniture and spend a considerable amount of money (yes, even the seats are not expensive in furniture stores), read our simple

Living room in loft style: non-traditional design with

Style loft - one of the most progressive areas of modern design. He is at odds with, cultivated by many, pathos and glamor, demonstrating his high status and wealth through luxury items in the interior. Loft is minimalism, conciseness and cozy

Bright and creative bookshelf for bookworm bookworm

Dutch design studio Atelier 010 finished work on a brilliant work of art, though seemingly surprisingly simple. The bookshelf was designed specifically for people who like to be surrounded by books, literally. Instead of going to the library to feel

10 ways to increase a small space

A small room, despite all its charm and unlimited comfort, causes certain difficulties for designers and homeowners, since an unsuccessful layout and an abundance of decorative elements and ornaments will visually give the room an unattractive and

Living room in scandinavian style - 80 photos of the perfect

The native land of the Scandinavian style is Sweden and Finland. The climatic conditions of these small northern countries had a serious impact on its formation. Beautiful landscapes, harsh conditions, non-drowning people, absorbed in work - all

Interior design of the dressing room - 100 photos of ideas

Modern man chooses a wardrobe, which is a variety of accessories, all kinds of wardrobe items. In addition, it contains underwear and a number of outerwear. It should be noted that there are 4 seasons of the year, any of which is reflected in a

Small interiors: how to make your life comfortable

Many of us have a small house, created according to standard projects. It, first of all, is created to meet the basic needs of people, but it is necessary to take care of the comfortable and happy life in it for the inhabitants themselves. To do

Unexpected decoration of a small kitchen, which raised

More air and light When the owners of the Victorian mansion in Richmond, England, talked about their vision of their new kitchen, the key points were the modern design, the functional use of space and the opportunity to communicate with all members

We release the squeezed space: ultra-compact kitchens for

Melanie Olle and Ilja Oelschlägel from Germany created such interesting furniture for small kitchens. 2d-kitchen - compact and functional: That is a wonderful option, in which saving space will not cause damage to either style or convenience.

Decorating a small balcony in a hruschevka - some practical

Closed and even insulated loggia, not attached yet to the room, can be quite small. It is these structures that are most often found in apartment buildings in our country. However, it is really nice to decorate the balcony, turning it into a corner
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