Houses and villas

Cottage design - ideas of interior and exterior of a country

A cottage is not just a country house or a dacha, but a sign of high status of owners who can afford such a scope. The design of the interior and exterior of such a luxurious home should correspond to its high level. It differs significantly from the

Interesting architectural novelties: wooden modular house

Wooden modular house from Thomas Garcia de la Huerta and Xaviera Gleixner The wooden modular house, designed by the talented architects Thomas Garcia de la Huerta and Xaviera Gleixner, is located in one of the districts of Chile. Its interior space

Interesting projects of houses with a mansard up to 150 m2

Projects of houses with an attic of up to 150 m2 are very relevant in our time. Frame houses are in great demand in conditions of dense development of cities and the construction of suburban housing. Projects of houses with an attic up to 150 m2 are

Amazing microdomains will change your standard concept of

Recently, the number of people who want to live in a country house is increasing. And this is not surprising, because megacities are full of stress and anxiety. Today we will consider incredible types of structures. These are micro-homes, made in

How to make the interior of a two-level apartment flawless

Two-level apartments - the best modern way to solve the problem of expanding housing space. The price of land has always been high, very often even unjustifiably, for this reason, even in the Middle Ages, people decided to expand their space not

Small, but so luxurious! stylish interior of a hotel room in

Luxury is not a simple phenomenon in itself. In a confined space, the more so. We share with our readers information on how this was achieved by Chinese designers in Hong Kong. The project called Mount East Flat was developed by the architectural

Wealth and luxury: houses in empire style (48 ideas of royal

Empire style is a style covered with a touch of antiquity and luxury. One look at the facade of the house in Empire style is enough to draw a conclusion about the high status of its owner. The house in the Empire style attracts its mystery. Elegant

We select projects of single-storey houses

Many people who own suburban areas or plots in the urban development are trying to pick up the best designs of single-storey houses for their implementation on their site. The project of the house is one of the most important stages in the

Self-sufficient car-house on wheels travels around the

For life and travel car-house on wheels This car-house on wheels is a hybrid of a trailer and a car. Trailers from the company Teardrop have long been popular because of their compactness, lightness and attractive design. Therefore it is not

What difficulties await the owners of compact cottages?

To date, written a lot of articles that highlight the advantages of suburban life. Perhaps, it is already time to discuss and its downside, namely, the shortcomings that owners of cottages, especially small ones, may encounter. At once we will
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