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The layout of the house is three meters wide from the dd

The layout of the house, it would seem, implies an extensive territory on which all the necessary parts of the future home can be located, plus a place for the annex, an inner courtyard and some free space around the house. But what if there is not

Original interior solutions for a small house for a large

The natural and cozy interior of a small house The interior of a small house is developed based on the available usable area. Often the height of the ceilings is determined by the owners themselves at the stage of designing the building, which is an

Capsule house in modern cities: an ideal solution for cities

Capsule house Capsule house сегодня уже не такая редкость. Этот вид домов необычайно популярен в странах с большим количеством населения в целях экономии места для жилплощади с сохранением максимальной функциональности. View of the house from the

The design of the attic +90 photos of examples of

The useful space under the roof above the first floor can always be used rationally. Why do you need a cold, uninhabited attic when, with a reasonable approach, it can be turned into a full-fledged residential building? The design of the attic will

Features of the house project in high-tech style (63

Until recently, houses in the style of high-tech could only be found in the West. At the moment they are popular in Russia. This style is not only practical, but also very convenient (in particular, frame houses). Projects of houses and cottages in

Unusual planning solutions and a bright interior of the

Bright interior of the house Alfred This bright interior of the house is like an endless combination of space and light. It magically leads to an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Architectural studio Andrew Maynard Architects made sure that the

A small house with arches from alts design office

Small house with arches: open space on the first floor A small house with arches, which will be discussed in this article, once again convinces us that sometimes simple architectural elements help to expand a residential or commercial space. And what

Small mobile home "eistrim remodel": the perfect portable

Today we want to tell visitors about the trailer from Wisconsin, who finally said goodbye to the seventies and moved to the present. Active fans of experiments Aaron and Amy Karman went on a hunt for the ancient trailers "Eistrim" to conduct their

Design of verandas and terraces in a private house - 70

The veranda is a type of room, it is an extension, acts as a connecting link between the house and the private plot. This space has some qualities that create unlimited warmth of home atmosphere. The room reveals beautiful scenery of the surrounding

Features modular country house and flower garden (40 simple

Today, almost every second city resident is the owner of a suburban land plot. A modular holiday home on its own land will give the opportunity to devote more time on the ground. But man does not live by work alone. You can relax at a dacha with your
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