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Magnificent design of a small infield area Very many people had to make some compromises when buying real estate. So, sometimes instead of a large plot at the disposal of the inhabitants of the house is a small and at times not very comfortable

Interior of the house from the timber - photo design by

As practice shows, people began to appreciate more and more naturalness, simplicity, limitation choosing the house of their dreams. The main aspiration is flight from city vanity, obsessive noise, multi-storey new buildings. Fashionable, and more

Street lighting for a country house - 32 photos with

Obviously, properly selected street lighting for a country house will help to emphasize the features of the landscape of the territory, as well as become a magnificent decoration for the site. Having studied the simple rules for placing light, you

Mirror facade and reflection of the natural context in the

In our today's article we will get acquainted with an amazing house, the facade of which is made of mirrors, and at a certain angle, coming to the house, you may not even notice what it basically is. Do you think this is impossible? Then, read

What can small-sized houses teach modern architects?

Small houses: mobile house-van Against the backdrop of the instability of the world economy, small houses are no longer perceived as temporary shelters for bachelors. Moreover, the concept of erecting tiny cottages, the area of ​​which does not

Rural minimalism in action - the original budgetary interior

In today's exclusive story, we will introduce you to the magnificent decoration of the apartment, which was developed and implemented by the talented masters of the architectural studio MR.FRAG in the largest Australian metropolis of Sydney. The

Design of small houses through the eyes of architect mehdi

This may be the design of small houses The design of small houses is just one of the many activities of Canadian architect Mehdi Ali from Perception. A few years ago, he founded a subsidiary firm called Studio Cabo, which is actively engaged in

Projects of small houses completely merged with the

In this article we will talk about cottages in nature. By definition it is obvious that these are small dwellings in wild or remote areas, which makes them incredibly charming and attractive for a city dweller tired of fuss. And, although such

Interior of a small two-storey house 42 m2

Interior of a small house for a family of four Studio Solares introduced the redesign of the interior of a small house for a family of four. The area of ​​each floor is only 42 m2. There is no doubt that the designers have done a lot of hard work,

Landscape design of the suburban area: 16 tips for cozy

Megapolis are full of life and movement, but there is absolutely no place for big houses and even more for spacious private areas. However, the designers of cities such as San Francisco and New York often face customers who own a small house and
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