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The main advantages of house designs with an attic (70

Increasingly popular among people get projects of houses with an attic. Country housing can significantly reduce the cost of utilities, provides a healthy living in the green zone. The availability of transport access allows the owners of a suburban

A narrow concrete house full of light and air, in one of the

A narrow concrete house in one of the cities of Vietnam A narrow concrete house - what is special about it? Due to the fact that it can accommodate everything necessary in a confined space, similar houses are being built in many densely populated

How to build a house on wheels with your own hands: a real

How to build a house on wheels with your own hands: a project of Dominique Moody Today we will talk about how to build a house on wheels with our own hands. Moreover, there is an illustrative example of such a structure created by the American artist

Home-van on wheels: the path to harmony

House wagon on wheels: convenience and simplicity House wagon on wheels is not such a stupid fantasy. Have you ever felt completely free? Only you and the forest around, the sun, fresh air, harmony, the smell of invigorating coffee and ... WiFi,

Archie architects designed the original low-cost house of

An inexpensive house of concrete blocks with an open interior layout Specialists of the Australian company Archier helped to equip an inexpensive house of concrete blocks, released as a result of dismantling of old structures. Reuse of concrete

How to create an original patio design: expert advice

Beautiful design of the patio The design of the patio is an urgent issue for all owners of private houses and cottages located within the city. Today we want to offer you 16 variants of design of such small areas, so that you have your own cozy

Design of the fishing lodge: an unusual design on the stones

Unique design of a fishing lodge In the former fishing village on the Lofoten Islands in Norway, on the quay of the embankment an architectural studio presented an unusual design of a fishing lodge. The structure consists of three parts: a fishing

Figured roof of cedar above the interior of the house on

Evening interior of the house on the wheels of a builder from Vancouver Even in small interiors of the house on wheels, you can achieve a sense of spaciousness by abandoning the pointed roof and using other forms. Space can provide a canopy or even a

Designing a house from containers: a radical solution when

Designing a house from containers is a step to our roots Designing a house from containers? Most of us will not believe that this is possible, but it is so. Many people like simplicity, life in nature. Architect William Yudchitz and his son Daniel

Hall design in a private house with a staircase +75 photo

A hall with a staircase in a private house must meet a number of requirements, so that the whole room looks like a single whole. It is necessary to tie together utility and usability. We must not forget that the first impression of acquaintance with
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