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How to make a design studio apartment project of 40 sq m (60

The design project of the studio apartment of 40 sq. M can be either simple or rather original. Initially, the apartment studio was invented in the US as an economy class housing for people of creative professions and young professionals. Then this

Inexpensive small house for 500 dollars

Seven-meter inexpensive small house The project of an inexpensive little house was amazing. Some tiny houses are classified as luxurious, they are built from quality materials, and they are not affordable for everyone. Owner Scott Brooks from the

A wonderful house where the sunset and sunrise meet

Amazing house in Art Nouveau style The amazing house with the talking name Walk the line, located on the river bank in the city of Ritoka (Chile), seems hovering in the dunes, between sleep and reality. This project was implemented within the open

Let in the interior of the small house as much light as

Interior of a small house on the coast of Sweden The interior of a small house can be very unusual. Who does not dream of an apartment on the top floor, but with a sloped roof? On the south-west coast of Sweden is a small, area of ​​less than 100

Modern designs of houses in chalet style (50 photos of

Projects of houses in the style of the chalet got their name from the French chalet - "shepherd's hut". This name originates from the name of the buildings erected in the mountains of Switzerland and the southeast of France. Shepherds were sheltering

Luxurious house-studio of natural materials - ethnic

Discussing the topic luxury and beautiful houses, none of us can remain indifferent to the masterpiece of architecture created by the Austrian Bernardo Bader. The Austrian forest of Schwarzenberg is famous for various types of trees, among which the

We choose and realize the project of a bath from a bar 6х6

Each owner of the land plot wants to furnish it with maximum functionality. Using the project baths from the bar 6x6 with an attic, you can build a practical and comfortable construction of a small size. For small areas, this may be the only possible

Interior of a small house in the usa: an example of

The wooden facade hides the cozy interior of the small house The interior of the small house, which will be discussed in this article, is planned as a space for family living. The developers of this design are architects and designers of Tiny

What are the projects of timber houses 8x10 with an attic

Projects of timber houses 8x10 with an attic are very popular among land owners of large areas. The buildings of this size look very impressive. The view of the building from the bar with the attic shows that its owner has achieved certain successes

Magnificent design of a tiny house from the owner of alison,

In today's story, we will introduce you to excellent recommendations for transforming modest apartments that were designed by owners for their own home in the city of Branford, Connecticut. This mansion belongs to the owner Alison, who wanted to
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