Houses and villas

A cozy little house built by the hands of a resident of the

A cozy small house in which a mother and daughter reside The cozy little house, about which our article tells, belongs to the category of compact structures, often criticized for their alleged inadequacy for family life. The area of ​​most of them

Concrete house a la bunker

Concrete house in the Alps The concrete house, which we would like to tell you, embodies the world view of people living in the Alps and their surroundings, and this is where the building is located. The local inhabitants love and accept things as

Interior of a small house in bloomsbury, london

Interior of a small house in London Studio Stiff + Trevillion presented the interior design of a small house, built in 1990. Designers have done a serious job, transforming the old building into a modern two-level cottage of compact dimensions.

Garden lamp with own hands - original lighting ideas on 50

How nice to have a house with a garden! After all, in the morning, having thrown on a robe, it is possible to leave to yourselves in a court yard and to take a breath of fresh air. It's also nice to have a cup of tea or a fragrant coffee, enjoying

10 design options for tiny houses that smash prejudices to

Project by Koch Architects In today's story, we present to your attention ten design options unusual house with a modest footage that will help to create wonderful conditions for life and fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth. Small

Why do people in developed countries choose tiny houses?

Tiny houses change the face of America Against the background of the ongoing crisis in the housing market and the recession in other areas of the US economy, tiny houses are gaining immense popularity among the population of the country, pushing to

Interesting design of a house on stilts: a wonderful

The design of the house on stilts, better known as the "Blue Cube", was designed and implemented by the specialists of the architectural company Ahti Westphal. It is located in the north of the United States, in a place called Rainy Lake near the

Open plan of the house from the burnazzi feltrin architetti

MP is a cozy and incomparable private residence, designed and implemented by the talented masters and designers of the architectural company Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti in 2012. This unusual house is located in the Italian metropolis of Valkanovere

French design of a house on wheels as a tribute to the old

So the design of the house on wheels looks outside In recent years, the design of the house on wheels has become popular in the US. The style has a recognizable aesthetics of a small monastery on wheels. Although the trend is spreading to other

Stylish and useful novelties for comfortable in all respects

No matter how small the house was and how irregular it was used, stylish and beautiful objects always have a place in its decoration. Bright dishes, quality textiles and fashion accessories are able to turn into a monastery of joy and comfort even a
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