Houses and villas

The original rope pavilion: a unique invention of modern

The unusual rope pavilion, designed by designers of the architectural bureau Kevin Erickson, in 2012 became the next winner of the annual competition for architects called Art +. The main goal of the event is to choose the best houses for tourists,

How to decorate the interior of the house in the art nouveau

The Art Nouveau style is a special style that strives to be original in all its manifestations. The house in the Art Nouveau style is really relevant in our time. Modernity has no basic rules and regularities. In each country, designers bring their

How to organize a house for a family with pets: interesting

A small house for a family with pets The house for a family with pets, about which we want to tell you today, has not a very large area. However, thanks to the engineers Tine and Luke Orlando, it is equipped so that it can comfortably accommodate two

Paradise in a hut - we analyze the example of various design

If necessary, a person can adapt to any circumstances, including small-sized housing. Especially if you are next to your second half, with which in any place you comfortable and relaxed. An example for guests of Small Interiors can be a family from

Interior of a small house: made to the conscience

Interior of the small house KODA Interior of the small house KODA, созданного эстонской студией дизайна Kodasema, поистине впечатляют. В отличие от крошечных американских модульных построек, он может похвастаться 23 квадратными метрами жилого

How do modern architects see small houses?

Small houses and other compact structures from around the world In the conditions of the instability of the world economy and the slowdown in the rate of growth in construction, small houses become a way to meet the needs of people in a personal

Christy wolf builds a small house for a holiday in hawaii

The house is small for a holiday in the style of a bungalow The house is small for rest, located somewhere on a tropical island - it's probably the dream of every person who has to clear the car from snow for several months a year before going to

Mobile mini-house: photo gallery

Convenient mobile mini-house: photos from Ontario, Canada A modern mini-house, photo of which was made in the city of Ontario, looks very original. Its creator is a local builder named Gyute, who is well acquainted with the life of Canadian

Interior in ethnic style (58 design ideas)

Ethnic style is very popular in the design of apartments and offices. With its help, you can give any room the original look. Below we will introduce our readers to the basic elements of this style, as well as reveal the secrets of creating a real

Summer interior design ideas inside the house

Summer cottages are not usually for year-round living, but this does not mean that you can negligently treat the design of premises. For a holiday home, regardless of the style in which it is designed, there are more thin walls and independent
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