Houses and villas

The modern barn remisenpavillon - a brilliant creation of

Modern barn with unusual brickwork A modern barn in the country or a private plot is not just a place for storing old buckets and buckets. This is also a place for a spiritual and comfortable rest in nature. Combining all this in one building is not

Materials and technologies for the decoration of the facade

Architecture is a science that unites two types of activities: planning and building construction. Architecture, as it was still called in the old days, can not be mastered without highly specialized knowledge, the luggage of which is available to

Characteristics and construction of a single-pitched roof

One of the most practical and simple to install roofing options is a single-pitched roof. We will consider its structure and purpose in more detail today. The roof is the final element of any structure. It provides protection against precipitation

House decoration in baroque style (50 ideas)

Today many people dream of making a baroque country house. Both the appearance of the house and the interior decoration in the Baroque style have always attracted by its attractiveness, luxury and refinement. To some, this style seems too rich,

Modern wooden houses: types of facades and photos

We love wooden houses for a warm and cozy look, which is beautifully combined with any environment. We have accumulated a lot of interesting ideas that are ideal for the design of small wooden houses or cottages, and we decided to share them with you

A tree house for a family holiday - cypress valley in texas

Tree house for rest from ArtisTree A delightful house on a tree for rest from a boring and tense city bustle will fill your life with bright colors of children's fantasies. Carrying out an order for a tour company that organizes tours to the Cypress

House on wheels terracross, which is always nearby - an

Every traveler dreams of taking a backpack, getting into a car and going somewhere, but at the same time there is always a cozy sofa, a shower cubicle and a comfortable kitchen. But for today it is no longer a dream, but a reality created by Unicat

Design a small house - everything you need for

Design of a small house in the style of Audrey Hepburn No wonder they say that necessity is the mother of invention, and a vivid example is the design of a small house, designed from the need to combine practicality and joy for the eyes in a small

What is a gazebo in scandinavian style (64 interesting

The arbor is one of the important elements of any villa. Design and shapes are diverse. Some choose an arbor in the Scandinavian style, others - in Russian or Japanese. To make an important and integral design for your site, you need to thoroughly

Optimize the interior of a small house: 9 tips for

Interior of a small house: built-in storage system According to many, the interior of a small house must inevitably experience a shortage of storage space. However, the inability to freely dispose of a horizontal space means only one thing: you need
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