Houses and villas

Creation of projects of one-storey houses in high-tech style

Projects of single-storey houses in the style of high-tech are becoming more and more in demand. Innovative technologies and modern technology have imperceptibly entered our life and settled in it. Some details of such innovations are absolutely

Brilliant interior design for a small private house

Interior of a private small house - ideas for design The interior of the small private house gives a lot of opportunities for the creativity of the designer. This cottage with an area of ​​just over 65 m2, designed by Kazuhiko Kishimoto from the Asa

Creating an unusual house exterior

Unusual exterior of the house Have you seen the unusual exterior of a house that seems to float above the ground? Not so long ago the design studio MIMA Housing created something similar. "Soaring" in the air house The design studio is aimed at

Eco-friendly interior of a small country house from the

Exterior and interior of a small country house External performance and interior of a small country house, which our article tells, largely characterize one of the most important global trends in recent years. Surprisingly, modular residential

The unique interior of a small house designed for one person

Interior of the small house KODA The interior of the small house, called KODA, was developed by specialists of the Estonian branch of the design company Kodasema. This prefabricated structure is a simple white cube of 23 square meters. m, equipped

Interior for a small wooden house: a doll house from

Interior of a small wooden house with a terrace The interior design of this small wooden house makes it possible to relax in nature with comfort. Its simple silhouette reflects the child's view of the house - it is a rectangle with a gable roof. This

Small house: the path from the emergency garage to the

A small house in the backyard A small house, which appeared on the site of the garage, was designed by the Khelpslup family. The decision to demolish an old waste building came to them for a long time, but they did not know how to dispose of a new

A house in a marine style with the same door as in a hobbit

Maritime style house with access to a small balcony A house in a marine style is what we want to draw your attention to today! There are many articles on the most unusual ideas for the design of small houses: Victorian era eaves, chalkboard in the

What are modular houses for year-round living (46 photos)

Modular houses for year-round living belong to non-standard buildings. Such houses are prefabricated, they can be quickly erected, which is an absolute plus. In addition, prefabricated modular homes have a number of advantages that have brought them

What are the designs of holiday homes (75 design ideas)

Projects of holiday homes - it's a great option to make your dream of a country house a reality. However, there are a number of nuances that need to be considered when choosing a particular project variant. In this article, read:1 Legal Issues2
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