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Amazing planning projects: 10 tiny houses with a stunning

In small, even tiny, houses have their own charm and special charm. And the design of small houses can either emphasize and increase this charm, or completely dispel it (in the case of inept and unprofessional design). It does not matter how you

Design of the house +155 photos of examples of interior

We are all different. Each of us has its own taste. It manifests itself in clothing, any preferences, has a direct impact on the design of the house. Interior is a collective term. He does not only mean the style, but also the choice of colors and

Design of an unusual small cottage from the studio jva

Modern design of a small cottage Studio JVA presented an unusual design of a small cottage with an area of ​​only 15m2, located in a residential area on the outskirts of the city. The owners of the house are writers, and they asked the designers to

A fresh look at extensions to private homes

The sports hall in the annex to the private house Addition to a private house is a new way to circumvent the law on limiting the number of residential buildings in one plot. In a small house without a basement, which will no longer be regarded as a

An interesting and significant architectural project: the

The design of an open children's corner and small pavilions that play the role of distinctive classrooms in the open air was the result of the painstaking work of the third year students of the SABA Architecture Academy. These buildings are part of

Finishing the front of the house - 40 beautiful photos of

Want to know what can be a stylish modern facade decoration? Photos of the following private houses will show you this! Today there is a wide choice of finishing materials, which allow creating reliable and truly beautiful facades. Before deciding

How to make a small beach house cozy and beautiful

Did you happen to have a beach house? Paint it in white, give the facade an originality, focusing on the shutters of bright color. Solar-yellow, ultramarine, turquoise or dark blue very much contribute to the maintenance of coastal themes. Beach

Interior of a small house - zoning and functional furniture

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not want to live in a comfortable, cozy house or apartment, where everything is necessary for proper rest. If for owners of spacious housing everything is decided by the availability of free time and

A small forest house, photo of which will change the idea of

Small forest house (photo) A small forest house, whose photo, no doubt, had already surprised the reader, is in Oregon, USA. The hut is located near a small lake and is made in a style very much like the Japanese classics. The house receives energy

An excellent example of a micro house design project

Project micro home Projects of micro houses have gained popularity among designers. In this article you will see an example of one of the implemented micro house projects. The house is built of environmentally friendly materials One of the
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